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How to Enable Photo Viewer Windows 10 – 2022

How to Enable Photo Viewer Windows 10

Getting to know how to enable photo viewer windows 10 is a crucial step if you’re looking to view your photographs on your PC. But this isn’t as simple as you may think. First, you need to locate your photos. You can do this by clicking on the My Pictures folder in your Start menu. Next, you’ll want to click on View, which will open the Windows Photo Viewer.

123 Photo Viewer for Windows 10 is a lightweight, feature-rich photo viewer. It supports numerous image file formats and has a variety of filters and tools. In addition, 123 Photo Viewer also supports cloud storage of images. This makes it an ideal application for home users Google.


In addition to its simple and efficient interface, 123 Photo Viewer also features a slideshow mode. The slideshow mode makes it possible to show images as a gallery on the desktop. In addition, it has a powerful magnifier. It also comes with features like batch renaming, batch formatting, and filters. It’s also compatible with OneDrive Folders.

How Do I Enable Windows Photo Viewer:

123 Photo Viewer for Windows 10 is available for download from the Microsoft Store. It’s also available for Mac devices. It supports most common image file formats. It also comes with a slideshow mode and a variety of effects. You can adjust the color, lighting, and more.

123 Photo Viewer for Windows 10 has an attractive design and a sleek interface. It has a metro-style launch icon that allows you to view images from your PC or a local folder.

How To Digital Photo Viewer:

Dedicated photo management software like digital is a great option for those who want to organize and manage their digital photos. It is easy to use and comes with a wide array of features. It is also free and open-source.

Besides importing photos, digital allows you to edit them, change their Metadata, and share them online. It is also capable of organizing photos into albums and creating collections. You can also search for photos by date, face, and other fields. You can create HTML-gallery, publish them, and even send them to e-mail.

Enable Photo Viewer Windows 10 Registry:

digital has a non-modal image editor with tools for cropping, resizing, color adjustment, noise reduction, and restoration. It also has tools for painting and filters. It supports DNG format reading, Marble integration for relocation, and more. You can also find 23 exporting options in the image editor.

Another feature of digital is its ability to edit Metadata, tags, and captions. You can also edit geotags for your photos. These features help you identify people and locations in your photos.

How To Using Photos-Apps:

Using the Photos-happen on Windows 10 gives you an improved experience when it comes to viewing photos. You can now search for images, copy them, and delete them, all without having to use a different application.

The Windows 10 Photos-app enables you to add a new folder to your gallery. You can also use the arrow keys to navigate between the files. You can also add filters, effects, and a slideshow feature. You can even import images from an external source.

How To Google Photos And Desktop:

The Photos-append is not the only photo application in Windows 10. Other apps in the family include Google Photos and Desktop Sync. The Photos-app has its merits but it is not for everyone.

The Photos-app is not as robust as Windows 7’s Photos-app. It takes longer to load and to update. This is because the program files are delayed. However, it is a feature worth having if you are a photo buff.

How To Restoring The Missing Windows Photo Viewer:

Whether you have upgraded from Windows 7 or 8 to Windows 10, you may have come across the problem of restoring the missing Windows Photo Viewer. Fortunately, there are two common ways to solve this problem. The first is by downloading the file from Bleeping Computer, which will then restore the Windows Photo Viewer app. The other method is to use Microsoft Photo Recovery. This tool will scan your entire drive and retrieve lost photos. The software is easy to use and can restore all lost photos.

After downloading the Windows Photo Viewer file, you can launch the application. The file will then add information to the Registry, which will allow you to restore the missing Windows Photo Viewer on your PC. Using this method, you can restore the Windows Photo Viewer on Windows 10.

Go To Settings:

  1. To do this, open Windows 10 Settings > System > Default apps and select Windows Photo Viewer as the desired option under “Photo Viewer”.
  2. Exit the Settings menu and you can now access your photos in Windows Photo Viewer

Another method to restore the missing Windows Photo Viewer is by using iBeesoft data recovery software. This tool will scan your entire drive and find lost photos, which will be listed on the software’s interface. You can then choose which photos you would like to restore and save them on your PC.

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