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How To Enable WiFi Calling On iPhone

How to Enable Wi-Fi Calling on iPhone

If you’ve never set up enable WiFi Calling on iPhone before, there are a few simple steps you can take to do so. First, you should go to your iPhone’s Settings app. This app has a gear-shaped icon. Once you’ve located it, tap on Phone, and then tap on Wi-Fi Calling. Make sure that the slider is set to “On”. This will enable Wi-Fi Calling and allow you to use your mobile data connection to place calls. You can also enable emergency call notifications and track your location.

After enabling the service, you must accept all pop-ups relating to your carrier. These pop-ups can be annoying, but they’re necessary to make sure you have a working iPhone. Activate Wi-Fi calling anytime in your settings. Once it’s activated, you’ll be able to make calls to other phones with WiFi. Just make sure that you don’t use your phone’s built-in Wi-Fi hotspot while making calls, as this can affect your battery life google.


The next time you’re stuck in an area without cellular service, try turning on WiFi calling instead. The feature is great for calling friends and family in rural or indoor areas with poor cell phone service. It also allows you to continue using your old phone in areas without strong cellular coverage. WiFi Calling also works for Skype, Facebook, and Google Voice. This feature is supported by all major mobile carriers and can save you money on your monthly cell phone bill. Just be sure to check your carrier’s policies to see how much you’ll pay for WiFi Calling before you begin making calls.

How To Enable WiFi Calling On iPhone Verizon:

Once you’ve enabled Wi-Fi calling, your iPhone will automatically switch to the network when it detects a WiFi connection. If your WiFi connection drops, it will switch back to the cellular network. When this happens, you’ll notice a word called “Wi-Fi” next to the carrier’s name on the lock screen. Then, tap the switch to enable Wi-Fi calling on your iPhone and enjoy the benefits of Wi-Fi calls.

The next step in enabling WiFi calling on your iPhone is to change your emergency address. Most major mobile carriers require that you input an emergency address when you sign up for Wi-Fi calling. Make sure that your street address and apartment number are updated. You should also enter your city, state, and zip code in the emergency address field. Save it in the bottom-right corner of the screen. If you’ve already tried enabling WiFi Calling on your iPhone but still have trouble, try rebooting it.

How To Enable Wi-Fi Calling:

Wi-Fi Calling allows you to make and receive calls even when there’s no network coverage. You can connect to a Wi-Fi network and turn on 4G for voice calls. You can also turn on mobile data when you’re using WiFi calling so that you can connect with friends and family members regardless of whether you’re in the middle of nowhere. Then, you’re all set! It’s as simple as that!

You’ll also be able to make and receive calls on your iPhone even if your cellular signal is weak. You can use this feature when traveling to places with limited service or in areas where the signal is not very reliable. WiFi calling also allows you to communicate with other devices through iMessage text. This is particularly useful in emergency situations when there’s no access to a data connection. You can also use it in places with strong Wi-Fi signals such as cafes and restaurants.

How To WiFi Calling iPhone 12:

To enable Wi-Fi calling, open the Settings app, and go to the Phone screen. Tap Wi-Fi Calling. If you don’t want Wi-Fi Calling, select Disabled. Then, you’ll need to go to Settings > Wi-Fi Calling. On the Phone screen, tap Wi-Fi Calling. Then, tap Wi-Fi Calling again to turn it off.

Then Follow These Steps:

  1. On your iPhone, go to Settings> Phone> Wi-Fi hitting.
  2. Open Add Wi-Fi Hits to Other Devices.
  3. Go back to the previous screen, and tap Calls on Other Devices.
  4. Turn Enable Calls on Other Devices when not open. …
  5. Turn on each device you want to use with Wi-Fi hitting.

WiFi calling is a fantastic way to make cheap phone calls and text messages without having to spend a lot of money. Using WiFi calling is especially useful if you’re in areas where cellular service is weak. While it may not work in all locations, WiFi calling can help you to make calls and send texts anywhere there is a stable Wi-Fi connection. It also offers expanded connection possibilities, so you can call and text from virtually anywhere without the hassle of having to spend extra money.

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