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How To Enable Multidex In Flutter

How to Enable Multidex in Flutter

How to enable multidex in Flutter First, make sure that you use the Android plugin for Gradle, as this will enable native multi-dex by default. Next, make sure that your minSdk Version is set to 21. Once you’ve done that, you can then use multideck and flutter cli to write your apps. However, if you’re not using these plugins, make sure to use the Android plugin for Gradle, or you’ll end up creating problems.

To enable Android 64K reference limit, you must first setup your project with a Firebase project connection. This will allow you to use external libraries that add up to 65536 methods. Note that this limitation only applies to Android 5.0. Moreover, it will prevent the Android Studio from generating unused resource IDs. Also, using an external library will allow you to use more than 64K reference limit Google.


You can also use Multidex to reduce the number of reference methods and dependencies. A reference method is a class that contains methods and functions that are indirectly imported from another class. Android uses a standard optimization library called R8. This optimization library is included by default in Gradle. It is useful for reducing the number of references in an app before it is released.

How Multidex Is Implemented In Flutter:

Alternatively, you can enable the Android 64K reference limit in Flutter settings. This feature allows developers to use larger projects without causing compilation errors. This is particularly useful for projects that contain more than 64K reference methods. This will reduce build time by up to 20 to 25%. It is also essential to set the Android minSdkVersion value to 20 in order to avoid compile errors. The Multidex library is a very useful tool for projects over the 64K reference limit.

One of the most common errors you might encounter when developing for Android is the error ‘Using multidex in flutter’. This error usually occurs when your project has less than 21 references to Dalvik Executable (DEX) files. Fortunately, you can fix the problem with a few steps. Using the Android plugin in your Gradle build will enable native multi-dex by default. For more information, see the Multidex documentation.

What Is Multidex Enabled In Flutter:

The first step in avoiding multidex errors is to review your app’s transitive and direct dependencies. If you have large libraries that your application depends on, you may be shipping a lot of unused code. Code shrinking will help avoid this issue. It will also reduce the overall size of your APK. This method will also prevent the need for Multidex in your app. It’s a great way to avoid code-heavy APKs.

If you’re working in Flutter, you might have noticed that the build process is slower than usual. In addition to the increased build processing time, multidex configuration also requires the build system to make complicated decisions about the classes in your application. If you’re using incremental builds, multidex can significantly slow down the development process. In this case, you can use a feature called pre-dexing, which reuses multidex output between builds. This feature is only available on Android 5.0 (API level 21) and higher. Android Studio automatically uses this feature when deploying your app to devices that support it.

What Is Dex In Android:

The tutorial is updated for the latest version of Flutter and Dart. It also requires a Google account to use the Firebase tool. If you don’t have a Google account, create one. This will allow you to use the Firebase CLI to enable multidex support in Flutter. In addition, you can use the Flutter cli to enable multidex in Flutter.

Once you’ve successfully updated your Flutter project, you can use the Flutter CLI to enable multidex on your project. The CLI offers step-by-step actions to troubleshoot common problems. For example, you might encounter an issue with Cocoa Pods. Using flutter cli to enable multidex in Flutter is a great way to resolve such problems quickly.

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