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How To Enable YouTube On Android

How to Enable YouTube on Android

If you’re wondering how to enable YouTube on Android, there are a couple of things you can do. Besides using the YouTube app to open YouTube links, you can also make it Autoplay. And if you want to disable comments on YouTube, you can do so by bypassing the restrictions. Hopefully, these tips will help you enable YouTube on Android. Read on to learn more. And remember, it’s always a good idea to use the most recent version of Android, because the previous version may not have all the updates yet.

If you use YouTube on Android, you are probably already familiar with the new feature that allows videos to autoplay, but you may have wondered how to disable it. YouTube has a built-in toggle that you can flip to turn on or off this feature. When it is turned on, your video will automatically play the next one in the queue, or whatever algorithm the app chooses. The Autoplay toggle is available on desktop and mobile versions of YouTube, as well Google.

You can disable YouTube autoplay by tapping on the toggle at the bottom-right corner. When it changes colour, it means that the feature is off. Once disabled, you can continue watching your videos. You can also turn off YouTube autoplay in the Settings menu. This feature can be very useful in certain situations, such as when you’re on the go. But you may want to disable it on the home feed if it’s bothering you.

How To Enable YouTube In Mobile:

Currently, the feature is available only to Premium members of YouTube, but Google hopes to make it available to all iOS users in the coming months. The company previously said that picture-in-picture mode would be available to all YouTube users in the US, but refused to give a firm date. If you’re not a YouTube Premium subscriber, you can try the feature for yourself by downloading the latest version of the YouTube app and toggling the picture-in-picture toggle.

Those who are subscribed to YouTube Premium will see an option to enable picture-in-picture mode, which puts the video in a separate window. This is handy because it means you can work on something else while you’re watching the video. However, the feature is not available for all videos on YouTube, and you’ll need to be a premium subscriber to access it. But don’t worry; it’s easy to enable picture-in-picture mode on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

How To Disabling YouTube Comments:

If you want to get rid of YouTube comments from Android, you have to make a choice between two options – turn them off or enable them. Though YouTube comments can be useful, the vast majority of people use them to annoy other users or start arguments. YouTube publishers have the right to turn off comments, but many do not want to. It may be a personal preference or the result of a recent update.

The first option allows you to disable comments on videos without having to install an application. You can also do it on mobile devices without installing a separate app. Open YouTube Studio and click the “settings” button. You will see a box where you can select whether or not to disable comments. Then select Save. You can now disable comments on YouTube from Android. This option is particularly helpful if you want to prevent users from being able to comment on videos they’re watching.

How To Enable YouTube After Disabling:

If you’re tired of being locked out of YouTube, you should try bypassing its age restriction. To access videos and other content on YouTube, you need to sign in with your Google account, but there are a few tricks you can try. The most popular method is to use NSFW (Not Safe For Work) videos. Bypassing YouTube’s restrictions on Android is simple and requires little technical knowledge.

setting On:

  1. Open the Google Play Store app on your device and press the menu on the left corner.
  2. Select Settings on the left panel.
  3. Select Parental Controls and open Parental Controls.
  4. Create a memorable 4-digit PIN that your child does not know.
  5. Choose filters and limits that are appropriate for your child’s age.

One method involves using a proxy site. A proxy site makes your location unknown and tricks YouTube into playing videos in regions where they are restricted. To access restricted videos, you must add ‘PWN’ prefix to the video’s URL. You must add this prefix before ‘www’ in the address tab. Once you have inserted the prefix, the video will start playing. You can continue watching videos on YouTube.

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