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How To Enable Google Discover In Samsung

How to Enable Google Discover in Samsung Phones

You may be wondering how to enable Google Discover on your Samsung smartphone. The truth is, Samsung’s One UI 3.1 doesn’t have the feature. But don’t worry. There are two ways to get it back. One is to turn off the news feed in the Google app and the other is to use a third-party launcher. Listed below are both ways to enable Google Discover on your Samsung phone.

There is a good chance you’ve already seen the new Android app in action on a Galaxy S21, but if you haven’t yet, the good news is that you can now switch from Samsung Daily to Google Discover. But since it’s only available on certain Galaxy S21 models, it doesn’t mean that other Galaxy models aren’t getting this update as well. Here’s what you need to know about this new Android app Google.


Unlike its predecessor, the latest update for Samsung’s Android OS brings a couple of improvements and a new feature, but not much else. Compared to the previous version, it is more intuitive to use, and fewer options will confuse you. In addition, Samsung has improved its Internet app and has added a new feature called Wireless Dex. Previously, this was only available on the 2020 Galaxy flagships with One UI 2.5.

How Do I Enable Google Discover:

Among the new features in the latest update are the Google Discover app, which will be exclusive to the S21 series. The update also adds customization options to the Always On Display (AOD), so that you can control which notifications appear on it. Moreover, Samsung claims that the AOD widgets have improved, but that might be about power efficiency. In any case, it’s great to have more options when you’re on the go.

Having a hard time deciding what to read or how often? If you use the Google app on your Samsung device, you can turn off the news feed by navigating to the Settings > News and magazines. This will hide the news feed from your phone and prevent you from receiving notifications about updates. To disable the feed, tap the three-dot menu at the top-right of your screen.

How Do I Enable Google Feed On My Samsung:

You can also turn off the news feed by going to Settings > Google apps>Settings>Settings>Contents>News Feed. Once you have chosen this, you can select the category and region that you want. You can also choose the language and topic to see what is currently popular in the country or region you’re in. By disabling the news feed, you can still see your news and articles on the home screen.

Another option is turning off notifications altogether. This will prevent the notifications from popping up on your lock screen or notifications area. Then, you’ll be free from the constant blunder of countless notifications. Turning off notifications is easy, but you need to have the latest version of the Google app installed on your phone. Next, go to Settings > Notifications and uncheck all categories, including the news. Optionally, you can turn off notifications from the Google Assistant.

How To Using Third-Party Launchers To Add Google Discover:

Using a third-party launcher to enable Google Discover in Samsung phones is a great way to take advantage of the Google service, which is missing from many Samsung phones. Previously, Samsung’s Bixby interface provided a dedicated key for the Bixby assistant. But now, the Bixby key is not configurable, so using a third-party launcher is the easiest way to enable this feature.

If you’re using a Samsung phone running OneUI 3.1, you can switch the default Samsung Free launcher to Google Discover and enable this news feed. You can do this by long-pressing the empty space on the home screen. Then, swipe to the last card on the left, and select Google Discover instead of Samsung Free. After the installation is complete, you’ll be redirected to the main home screen.

Switch To Google Discover:

  1. Open Settings
  2. Click on Apps
  3. Tap Select Default Apps
  4. Press Home App
  5. Select one UI as your default launcher
  6. Press Home and you should see the One UI 3.1 interface again

Another way to use third-party launchers to enable Google Discover is to install a Google Discover skin on your device. The OneUI skin is preloaded on most Samsung phones, but it does not include Google Discover. This feature is included in the Google Enterprise Recommended program, so it’s worth downloading a non-Google skin for the Galaxy S21 if you’re using one. There are other ways to install and use the Google Discover app, but this method is the easiest and most popular.

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