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How To Use Voice To Text On Instagram

How to Use Voice to Text on Instagram

Use Voice To Text On Instagram is introducing text to speech and voice effects for its Reels feature, which allows users to record and upload videos for their Reel. Instagram’s current text to speech options offer limited caption styling and two voice options.

Instagram’s text to speech feature will enable an auto-generated voice that reads the text one adds on a Reel. Users can also select a voice effect such as announcer, helium, giant, or robot to modify the audio and voiceover of a Reel.

Using voice-to-text on Instagram can be a convenient way to compose captions or comments without typing. As of my last knowledge update in January 2022, Instagram may have introduced new features or changes. However, I can guide you through the general process based on the information available up to that point.


To utilize voice-to-text on Instagram, follow these steps:

  1. Update Instagram App: Ensure that you have the latest version of the Instagram app installed on your device. Voice-to-text features are often included in app updates, so having the most recent version is crucial.
  2. Access Instagram: Open the Instagram app on your mobile device. Log in to your account if you’re not already logged in.
  3. Select the Feature: Depending on the type of content you want to create (e.g., a post caption, comment, or direct message), navigate to the appropriate section within the app.
    • For a Post Caption: Tap the “+” icon at the bottom of the screen to create a new post. After selecting or capturing a photo or video, you’ll be prompted to add a caption.
    • For a Comment: Navigate to the post or comment section where you want to leave a comment. Tap on the comment box.
    • For a Direct Message: Go to your direct messages and open the conversation where you want to send a message.
  4. Activate Voice Input: Look for the microphone icon on your keyboard. On most devices, it’s located near the space bar. Tap on the microphone icon to activate voice input.
  5. Speak Your Text: Once the voice input is activated, start speaking your message. Ensure that your voice is clear, and pronounce words distinctly. The app will convert your spoken words into text in real-time.
  6. Review and Edit (if necessary): After the voice-to-text conversion, review the generated text. Sometimes, there may be errors, especially if there’s background noise or if your pronunciation is unclear. Edit the text as needed.
  7. Post or Send: Once you are satisfied with the voice-to-text conversion and any necessary edits, proceed to post your caption, submit your comment, or send your direct message.
  8. Additional Tips:

    • Language Selection: Ensure that the language settings for your device and Instagram are set correctly. Voice-to-text works best when the language settings match the language you’re speaking.
    • Internet Connection: A stable internet connection may be necessary for the voice-to-text feature to work smoothly.
    • Device Compatibility: The availability of voice-to-text features may vary based on the type of device you are using (iOS or Android).

Remember that Instagram might update its features, so it’s always a good idea to check the app’s official help resources or release notes for the latest information on voice-to-text capabilities. If there have been updates since my last knowledge update in January 2022, you can find the most accurate and recent information from Instagram’s official channels.

1. Record a Reel

If you’ve ever made a Reel, you’ve probably noticed that an automated voice reads the text caption. This feature is popular on TikTok and now Instagram has added it to Reels as well. Instagram has also added a few other TikTok-like features, like voice effects, to personalize the audio for your videos.

This is a great way to make your content more accessible for people who have trouble hearing or for those who watch Reels in public places where it’s not appropriate to play the video with sound. In addition, using subtitles or closed captions makes your videos more accessible for viewers who prefer to watch silently or for those who can’t use the audio on their phone.

Instagram’s in-app text-to-speech option is basic and offers only two voice options. Using an external text-to-speech solution like MixVoice allows you to customize your voiceover with a variety of voices, accents and emotions. Plus, with premium text-to-speech solutions such as Fliki, you can even create voiceovers that sound like a specific person, including yourself!

Keep in mind, though, that you shouldn’t use copyrighted music as your video audio. You should only use music that you have the rights to or created your own. If you’re unsure about the licenses for a piece of music, try searching it on YouTube to see how many other users have used it in Reels.

2. Add Text

When it comes to adding text to a video, there are a lot of options. You can add captions, subtitles, and other text overlays. These can help to enhance your Reel’s storytelling and visual appeal.

Instagram recently rolled out an auto-captioning feature in Stories and is starting to roll it out to Reels as well. The feature automatically transcribes your audio and translates it into text, which you can then edit for accuracy, spelling, style, and color.

While Instagram’s built-in text to speech is a useful tool, it can be limited in functionality and may lack some features that make it more engaging for your audience. For instance, it doesn’t allow you to adjust the speed or pitch of the voice, which can make the narration sound robotic and unnatural.

Using external TTS tools like Speechify can help you create more natural-sounding text to speech for Instagram reels. With immersive HD voices and other advanced functionalities, it can narrate your videos with a more natural-sounding voice that’s easy to understand and follow. It’s also compatible with most assistive technology apps, so it’s a great option for anyone who has difficulty reading text. Try it for free today and improve your Instagram experience!

3. Add Audio

Use Voice To Text On Instagram on Thursday rolled out two new tools for Instagram Reels that allow content creators to add audio and text to their short videos.

To use the feature, open the Reels camera in Instagram and either record a video or upload one from your phone’s gallery. After recording your video, you can add a text bubble and tap the three dots menu to select Text to Speech. This will transcribe your video’s audio and read it aloud with one of two available voices.

You can also edit your text’s appearance by tapping on the top of the screen and choosing a font, color, and highlighting option. Adding a background music or sound effects is also an option. Once you’re satisfied with the look of your text, tap Done.

If you’re looking for more natural-sounding AI voices and a better text to speech editor, try using a more powerful text to speech generator like iMyFone VoxBox. It supports 3200+ voices and 77+ languages and accents, making it easy to create more realistic-sounding voiceovers for Instagram Reels, YouTube, Tiktok, and other applications. It also has a text editor to add pauses, adjust pitch, and more to customize the audio for your needs.

4. Share

Instagram is rolling out a new feature that will let users add captions to videos using voice. This is similar to the TikTok auto-captions feature. The new feature will be available to everyone in Instagram’s editing interface, and users can edit the captions for accuracy, style and colour before they post them.

Instagram Reels are a popular format for content creators, but many people aren’t doing all they can to maximize their reach and impact with their video content. Adding a voiceover can add another layer of interest and engagement, and it’s easy enough for anyone to do.

The best text to speech software provides a range of authentic voices, accents, and languages. VoxBox, for example, offers 3200+ voices and 77+ languages and accents to make creating top-tier voiceovers for Instagram Reels and other media formats easy and quick.

For more tips on how to create and share your own stunning photos and videos on instagram, check out our complete guide to Instagram Stories and Reels. We’ll show you how to use all the features to maximize your reach and get more engagement, from storytelling, live video, and more!

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