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How To Enable Organization Customization

How to Enable Organization Customization in Exchange Online

If your organization uses Exchange Online, you can use the PowerShell cmdlet to enable organization customization. To access this feature, go to the Admin Center > Preferences> General. In this window, select the “Organization” category and click “Configure.” Then, choose “Customize.” Once you have finished customizing your organizations, you can use the HTML source code view to change its look. To get started, type “enable-organization customization” into the command prompt.

To enable organization customization, run the Enable-Organization Customization cmdlet in the Global Administrator or Exchange Service Administrator role. Ensure that you have administrative rights and a copy of the Exchange Server database. You will need the credentials of the global administrator to access the management console. If you do not have administrative rights, you should not be able to use the Enable-Organization Customization cmde let. You can, however, use the CMD let to edit existing properties Google.


To enable organization customization, connect to your Exchange Online environment and run the Organization Customization cmdlet. Once you have done that, you can create new management role assignments or role groups. You can also modify built-in role assignment policies and enable preset security policies in the Microsoft 365 Security Center. You can use the CMD let to enable organization customization in Exchange Online, as long as you have the credentials of a global administrator.

How Do I Enable-Organization Customization:

To enable organization customization, you need to be logged in to the Exchange Online management shell with the Exchange Service Administrator or Global Administrator role. This cmdlet is useful for enabling custom settings in management objects. The CMD let will allow you to modify the role assignments of your organization, while the Define Defaults option enables your organizations’ security policies. It also allows you to manage the default values for the security settings and role groups in the Microsoft 365 Security Center Apps.

In order to enable organization customization, you must be an administrator of your Exchange Online tenant. To enable organizational customization, you must have the Global Administrator role or the Exchange Service Administrator role. You must be a global administrator to enable organizational customization. If you do not have these roles, you must connect to your Microsoft 365 global administration environment to configure the cmdlet. You will need to enter the username and password of the administrator to change the settings. Once you have made these changes, you will need to restart the process to set the default values.

How Do I Access Office 365 From PowerShell:

In addition to customizing the organization’s settings, it also allows you to set the settings of your tenant. You can set up the home page with up to 15 blocks of content. There are two types of blocks in Exchange: text blocks and item galleries. These will display various types of content, such as headlines, scenes, apps, and links. You can use a combination of these to customize your content for different audiences. You can organization customization in a variety of ways.

If you have an organization that was created before June 2020, you must update the configuration with Organization Customization. You should be able to see the home page in a customizable state when the new tenant logs in. This cmdlet will automatically move the configuration to the customizable state. You should use this cmdlet to make sure the organization is ready to go.

How Long Does It Take Enable-Organization Customization:

The Organization Customization cmdlet is only available in the cloud-based version of Exchange. You must first change the Organization’s configuration in order to enable this feature App. You can choose to add cover images, logos, and other items to your home page. To make your organization more customizable, you should add a section called “Insert ad-hoc” to the app. This feature will also allow you to use your own language.

Follow This Steps:

  1. Install the Exchange Online PowerShell module.
  2. Connect to Exchange Online.
  3. Launch the Allow-Organization Customization command.

If your organization was created before June 2020, it has a legacy home page. This version of the Exchange Online interface does not have custom fonts, links, or item galleries. These settings are only available in the older versions of the service. To these settings in the new version, you must run the Organization Customization cmdlet. Once you have done this, you will be able to customize your Organization’s configuration to meet your needs.

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