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How To Enable Intel PTT Windows 11 – Windows 2022

How to Enable Intel PTT For Windows 11

If you want to install Windows 11, you need a PC that supports PTT, the Intel Platform Trust Technology. PTT is an embedded security feature found in some Intel chipsets, and AMD’s equivalent is called PSP fTPM. You should also have internet connectivity and a Microsoft account. Enable Intel PTT Windows 11

If you’re thinking about upgrading your PC to Windows 11 this year, you need to know if your motherboard supports firmware TPM for Intel ptt. This security feature will enable UEFI mode, which is necessary for Windows 11. Most computers made within the last three or four years should be able to handle the upgrade process with ease Google.


If you’re not sure if your motherboard supports firmware TPM for Intel ptt, check with the manufacturer of your motherboard. In general, the procedure for installing TPM is the same on both Intel and AMD-based PCs. To enable this feature, access the BIOS (boot settings) section.

How To Intel Chipsets Have An Embedded TPM:

Gigabyte motherboards support firmware TMP for Intel ptt Windows 11. Most manufacturers are working to make sure their motherboards are compatible with Windows 11. Gigabyte motherboards support this technology on all chipsets.

There are some good and bad news with Windows 11. If your computer has a TPM, it should work for the new operating system. However, if your PC is older, it may not have one. Older computers with Sandy Bridge or Ivy Bridge processors will need a separate hardware TPM. However, there are some newer computers that have an embedded TPM.

How Do I Activate Intel PTT:

While many modern laptops come with embedded TPM 2.0 chips, desktop motherboards do not. This is the case with the Gigabyte AORUS PRO WIFI X570 motherboard. That motherboard has an embedded TPM header that will support Windows 11. If your computer has a TPM chip, you can use Windows 11.

The first step is to make sure your PC has TPM and Secure Boot enabled. After this, you can download the PC Health Tool to ensure that your computer is ready for the new operating system.

How AMD Chipsets Have An Embedded TPM:

A Trusted Platform Module (TPM) is a hardware component of a computer’s processor. It is soldered onto the motherboard and provides a unique digital fingerprint that can be used to access information stored on the system. Because the TPM is located inside the machine, it is difficult for hackers to spoof or tamper with it.

TPM is available on AMD and Intel chips. It can be enabled or disabled via BIOS. Almost all AMD chipsets and Intel CPUs since the AM4 platform have an embedded TPM. However, not all motherboards come with TPM enabled by default.

How To Other Motherboards Support Firmware TPM:

If you’re worried about the security of your AMD motherboard or CPU, don’t worry. The chipset itself contains a firmware TPM. This secures your system’s hardware against hacking. AMD CPUs have an embedded TPM, which helps prevent hackers from accessing your system.

You can check if your motherboard has firmware TPM by accessing the Windows 11 PC Health Check in the Settings menu. This will allow you to see if your processor has TPM 2.0 enabled or not. If this option does not appear on your system, check with your motherboard manufacturer.

How Do I Enable Secure Boot In Windows 11:

Some motherboards do not support firmware TPM, but may have a header for an add-in TPM card. This is not a must, but it is worth checking. Although it is not necessary to have an actual TPM chip, Windows 11 is now requiring the processor to support the security chip. This means that not all motherboards will be compatible with Windows 11.

Click On Settings:

  1. To access this option, click Advanced, click System Settings,
  2. Then click Enter under Security Configuration.
  3. Select PTT (Intel Platform Trust Technology) to enable or disable Trusted Platform Module support.
  4. TPM is disabled by default.
  5. This option is available when the TPM Device option is set to PTT.

Firmware TPM is built into Intel and AMD CPUs. Some ASUS motherboards support it as a feature, but not all. If you have an AMD or a Gigabyte motherboard, you can install TPM with a BIOS update.

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