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How To Enable Autoplay In YouTube

How to Enable Autoplay in YouTube

When a video starts playing enable autoplay in YouTube, you might wonder how to stop it. First, you can stop the autoplay by clicking the gear icon at the bottom-right of the video. To turn the autoplay off, simply click on the gear icon again and select “stop.”

You may be experiencing trouble with the autoplay feature in YouTube. Although you have turned off the feature in your settings, the autoplay button keeps triggering even when you do not want it to. To get around this, disable all extensions in your web browser. YouTube will remember this setting and will start autoplay whenever you open a new tab or window. You can share your solution in the comments below Google.


Secondly, you may want to try a different web browser. YouTube frequently adds features to their browsers that can cause the issue. One of these is muted playback. Disable it and see if that fixes the problem. This solution works for Chrome, Firefox, Opera, MS Edge, and Opera. After enabling autoplay in your web browser, you may want to restart your computer and check whether the issue is fixed.

How To Clear The Cache Of Your Web Browser:

If you are experiencing difficulties with YouTube autoplay, you might need to clear the cache of your web browser. To clear the cache of your web browser, first go to the Settings tab and select “Clear browsing data.” After that, you need to clear the cookies and caches from your browser. Once you have done that, the autoplay feature should work properly. To make sure that autoplay is working, you must disable DRM settings on your web browser.

If you are experiencing the problem on Safari, you may need to clear the cache. Doing so will remove any stored code and temporary files. Then, try watching a YouTube video. If the issue still persists, you may need to disable the autoplay feature. If you cannot fix the issue by clearing the cache, you can try disabling the autoplay feature. This doesn’t work, you may also need to update your web browser.

How To Turn Off YouTube Autoplay:

If you’ve ever watched a video on YouTube and wanted to stop it from automatically playing again, you might have noticed that the “Autoplay” option keeps appearing on your screen. It’s an annoying feature that makes it easier to scroll past the videos you’ve saved. But thankfully, it’s easy to turn off YouTube autoplay. Here are some ways to do so. You can find a tutorial on how to do it in the YouTube app.

To enable autoplay in youtube feature on YouTube, you need to log into your Google account. You can turn off this feature across all devices just by entering your Google account details. In addition, you don’t need to view the video to disable the autoplay feature. You can simply click on the “Autoplay” button on your YouTube controls panel. This will stop the autoplay feature on your browser from playing videos automatically. After doing so, you can watch the videos in full or skip them altogether.

How To Turn Off Autoplay On YouTube Mobile:

Recently, YouTube has been undergoing some controversy over the amount of content kids are exposed to. In response to these concerns, it has removed some content and implemented other measures to ensure children’s safety. The videos contain inappropriate advertisements, violence, and questionable content. YouTube has said that it is working to fix these issues but educators must prepare for the next manifestation of these problems.

Turn Autoplay On Or Off:

  1. Go to the video screen of any video.
  2. At the bottom of the video player,
  3. Click the Automatic Play button to set it to On or Off.

One way to address this concern is to ensure that kids watch only age-appropriate content. Although YouTube offers a dedicated kids channel, it still doesn’t follow any set schedule and is cast among thousands of other videos. Fortunately, the Federal Trade Commission is looking into this issue. The FTC recently fined YouTube $170 million for violating the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).

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