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How to Enable Voice Typing in Whatsapp

How to Enable Voice Typing in Whatsapp

Google recently released a new feature that allows you to type using your voice enable voice typing in whatsapp. This feature is available on all mobile phones and is a great way to communicate without having to spend time typing messages. It works in a number of languages including Arabic, Spanish, and Mandarin. Depending on your device, you may also be able to customize the language settings of WhatsApp. Regardless of your language choice, you can use voice typing to send lengthy messages.


Activate the microphone in WhatsApp by tapping the “Write message” box and then pressing the mic key. The microphone button is usually on the left of the space bar. Some people have reported that they’ve had trouble using this option and have had to hold it for several seconds. This method works even when your phone isn’t connected to the internet. For those who need the option offline, you can download Google’s app and enable voice typing in WhatsApp.

Next, enable the microphone icon on your keyboard. To do this, simply press the mic button above the keyboard. If you’re using an iOS device, you should press the mic icon at the bottom right. Once you have enabled the microphone, you can use it to type your messages. It’s that easy! If you’re having trouble dictating, try restarting your phone and then restarting your device.

How To Change Voice Typing Language In Whatsapp:

If you’re having trouble enabling voice typing, the first step is to disable the Google Widget. Sometimes, the widget can disable voice typing for any application. To prevent this, you need to disable the widget first. Once the keyboard is uninstalled, restart your phone. Once the Google Widget is installing, click on the microphone icon. You should now be able to send and receive messages with your voice.

Once you’ve enabled the microphone icon on your phone, you can use voice typing to dictate messages. If you’re using the Gboard keyboard, you can dictate your message using your phone’s microphone. If you’re using an iPhone, you can also access the feature on your laptop using a Microsoft Windows computer. You can either long-press the comma button or hit the three-dot button to activate voice typing.

How To Enable Voice Typing In Gboard:

To enable voice typing in WhatsApp, first install the Gboard app. Most Android phones come with this application. You can download the Gboard App from Google Play. Then, you need to activate the keyboard. Then, go to the keyboard settings. Once there, long-press the Emoji icon near the space bar. Select the Voice Typing toggle. Then, you can speak into the microphone icon and compose your message using voice.

In addition to voice typing, you can also use the microphone to dictate messages. You can use the microphone to speak sentences and then press the microphone to start typing. If you’re unable to type in the chat window, the microphone will automatically activate. Afterward, you can tap the speaker icon to hear the text you just dictated. By tapping the button and holding down the volume, you’ll be able to dictate your message.

Voice Typing Not Working In Whatsapp:

When you open the app, you’ll see a black mic icon on the top or bottom right. Click this mic icon to start speaking and dictate. In order to activate voice typing in WhatsApp, you must first enable it in your device. To do so, press the mic icon on the top or bottom of your phone. The microphone icon will enable you to start dictating. Then, you can press the send button to send your message. If you want to use the voice-dictation feature in WhatsApp, you should have enough storage space.

WhatsApp Dictation feature:

  1. Open the chat window of the person you want to send the message to
  2. On your virtual keyboard, you will see a microphone icon.
  3. Once you tap the microphone icon, we will start recording whatever you say.
  4. The listed message will appear on your keyboard
  5. You can edit the same before sending the last one

To enable voice typing in WhatsApp, you need to grant WhatsApp permission to use your microphone. Then, you’ll need to give this app the permission to use your microphone. Once you’ve granted permission, you can start recording your messages in WhatsApp. Then, you can send a message in WhatsApp as normal. However, if you have to dictate longer texts, you may not want to enable this feature.

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