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How To Enable WhatsApp Notification

Enable WhatsApp Notification in Your Android Phone

One of the Enable WhatsApp Notification most common questions about WhatsApp is “How to enable WhatsApp notifications”. Fortunately, it is quite simple to turn on and off WhatsApp notifications in your Android phone. First, you need to make sure that your phone has enough memory. Usually, this is done by enabling the power-saving mode, which can prevent your phone from receiving notifications. Once you have enabled this mode, you will be able to receive notification from other apps, such as Facebook.


To change the power saving mode of your phone, you can navigate to Settings and go to the battery settings. Then, find the Power Saver setting. This will enable your phone to receive more notifications and improve battery life. However, this feature can hamper WhatsApp notification. Therefore, you should disable this feature if you want to keep WhatsApp notifications. You can find this setting in the quick settings panel. To turn off this mode, go to Settings>Battery.

Once you have enabled this setting, you should turn off the Do Not Disturb feature. This setting will affect the notifications of other applications. This will prevent you from receiving the notification from WhatsApp. The same goes for your Do Not Disturb settings. In the Settings section of your phone, you can also turn off WhatsApp notifications. This will prevent you from receiving any notification. This will also prevent you from reading messages sent to you via the app.

Enable Notification The WhatsApp:

If you wish to disable WhatsApp notifications, there are some ways to do so. In addition to setting the timer, you can choose whether to receive notifications for your groups and messages. You can also toggle the Use high priority notification to disable WhatsApp from displaying any notifications at all. If you choose to disable the power saver mode, you can enable it for your WhatsApp group. This will prevent you from getting any notifications from WhatsApp.

If you do not want to receive the notification from WhatsApp, you can disable it. You can do this by disabling Do Not Disturb. If you do not want to receive WhatsApp notifications, you must be working on another mobile activity. This will block the notification. You must be a member of a WhatsApp group in order to enable this feature. This will prevent WhatsApp from sending you notifications. When you disable the notification, you will not receive any messages from it.

Enable WhatsApp Notifications Switching Your Device:

If you still don’t get WhatsApp notifications, you can try switching your device to a different carrier. Changing your network will also make WhatsApp notifications work properly. If the service is not working, switch it to a different network. This way, you can receive WhatsApp notifications on your phone. There are other ways to enable WhatsApp notifications, but these three are the most common ones. The best option for you depends on your individual needs.

First of all, you can check the Do Not Disturb mode. If you don’t see DND, go to the Settings and tap on Do Not Disturb. you can’t find it, then try to turn off the DND mode and see if it works. If you still don’t get WhatsApp notifications, try enabling it on your smartphone by checking the “Disable” switch in your phone.

WhatsApp Notifications Option In Settings Menu:

Alternatively, you can turn off the WhatsApp notifications on your desktop by clicking on the “Shutdown” option in the settings menu. Besides, this method will also work for users who can’t receive the notifications. Using this method, WhatsApp will not send you notifications, which is a major plus! In fact, you can turn off the notifications on your phone only for those who are members of your WhatsApp Group.

Enable WhatsApp app notification:

  1. Open your Phone Settings app
  2. Select ‘Apps and notifications’
  3. Click the option to view all applications.
  4. Now scroll down and click on WhatsApp
  5. Tap ‘Notifications’
  6. You will see a list of all WhatsApp notification options, just find any disabled and reopen it.

To turn off WhatsApp notifications, you need to turn off the Do Not Disturb mode on your phone. If you are unable to find this option, you should check the “DND” mode in your phone’s settings. Usually, you can find DND in the “Notifications” section of the settings. To turn off WhatsApp notifications, simply disable the Do Not Disturb mode. If this doesn’t work, you can try turning off the Do Not Disturb mode.

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