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How To Enable Internet Explorer In Windows 10

How to Enable Internet Explorer on Windows 10

You may be wondering how to enable Internet Explorer on Windows 10. Microsoft Edge is a new browser that has replaced Internet Explorer in Windows 10. If you want to use your old browser, you can either disable it or turn it off in the control panel. Here’s how to do it. To disable Internet Explorer, right-click the Start button and choose Control Panel. On the Control Panel, click the Programs and Features icon and then select the Turn Windows Features On or Off link.

Microsoft Edge is a new browser that will eventually replace Internet Explorer 11 in Windows 10. In fact, the browser is expected to fully replace IE 11 by 2020, when Microsoft will no longer support it. IE 11 is being phased out, and Edge will take its place with the help of IE Legacy Mode. This mode will allow administrators to continue to support IE 11 features without a major change to the desktop experience Google.


If you’re a savvy techie, you’ll know that the IE11 browser will eventually stop working and support will be withdrawn by Microsoft. Although all IE11 browsers will revert to Edge by then, it can be a hassle to transfer all your data. While older users may feel overwhelmed by transferring all their information, moving Internet Explorer 11 favorites to Edge will alleviate the stress. After all, future system updates will automatically disable the browser.

How To Microsoft Edge Replaces Internet Explorer 11:

IE Mode in Windows 10 is a feature designed to make internal sites available to the user through Microsoft Edge. This will eliminate the need to manage several browsers. In the stable channel of the operating system, “Internet Explorer compatibilities” settings are available in the browser and enable you to open Edge when it is incompatible with IE. To enable this feature, open the Group Policy Editor and configure the policy to use IE mode.

IE mode in Windows 10 will eventually be retired by Microsoft. It’s estimated that the consumer version of Windows 10 will run out of support on October 14, 2025. Microsoft will announce the end of support approximately one year before that date. Microsoft would rather see users migrate to Microsoft Edge and avoid the risks posed by IE mode. As a result, it has released a Known Issue Rollback update to resolve the problems with IE mode.

How To Reload In Internet Explorer Mode:

Reload in Internet Explorer mode is a handy feature that will allow Microsoft Edge to open sites that require the use of Internet Explorer. To enable this feature, open the Settings menu and select More tools. Then select Internet Explorer mode, and then click Reload. You can also right-click a web page and select Reload tab in Internet Explorer mode, or click the Open link in a new Internet Explorer mode tab. This setting will take effect when you restart Microsoft Edge.

You can also enable the local site list experience and reload in IE mode in Windows 10. This setting will allow you to access unconfigured sites repeatedly. You can also add sites to your local site list, which will render them in IE mode for 30 days. If you’d like your organization to use this feature for all websites, you can enable this option in group policies. It’s worth mentioning that you can configure this option by enabling the Internet Explorer IntegrationTestingAllowed policy.

How To Disable Internet Explorer 11 Desktop Application:

There are a few ways to disable the Internet Explorer 11 desktop application in Windows 10. First, you can enable Disable Internet Explorer 11 as a standalone browser. This option disables the standalone browser version of IE11. Then, you can redirect any attempts to launch IE11 to Microsoft Edge’s ‘Internet Explorer mode.’ This setting overrides any other policy and has two options: Never and Always.

Select Start Settings:

  1. Select Start > Search , and enter Windows features.
  2. Select Turn Windows features on or off from the results and make sure
  3. The box next to Internet Explorer 11 is selected.
  4. Select OK, and restart your device.

After enabling the setting, restart your computer. will be prompted to select a new default browser. use Internet Explorer or another browser. You can also try the Restoro web browser, which has been downloaded by 964,401 readers so far this month. You can also disable Internet Explorer from the desktop by choosing an appropriate search engine. But, remember that you’ll still need to choose a new default browser if you want to continue to use IE.

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