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How To Enable Dark Mode In Instagram Pc

How to Enable Dark Mode on Instagram for PC

If you are like half of Instagram users, you may be wondering how to enable dark mode on Instagram for PC. Since Instagram doesn’t have built-in dark mode, you can install the Night Eye browser extension to get the same look and feel on the desktop. It’s free and available for all major browsers. It takes just a few minutes to install and get started. If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to enable dark mode on Instagram for PC, check out the guide below!

One of the most popular features on Instagram is the ability to activate dark mode. This mode is better for viewing pictures in low-light situations, since it doesn’t use bright colors, which can be distracting and cause eye fatigue. Dark mode is a great way to conserve battery power while maximizing your vision. It is a simple yet effective way to enjoy the benefits of dark mode on Instagram, and more users are taking advantage of it Google.


To activate dark mode on Instagram, first open the app and go to Settings > Account Options. You can then enable the option “Select a theme” in the Settings > Appearance> Theme. This will make the whole app appear as black. Once you’ve enabled dark mode, you will be able to access the rest of the app’s options. If you don’t have a Pixel, it’s worth checking if you can use the app on an Android phone.

How To Turn On A Dark Theme:

Depending on your device, you can turn on the dark mode in the Instagram app. Open the Settings app, scroll down to Display, and tap Dark theme. You can even set the application to switch to dark mode when the sun goes down. If you want to use the dark mode, you must first disable the light mode. Once you’ve disabled light mode, you can turn on dark mode for Instagram.

Using the URL parameter, you can toggle on the dark theme. Be careful, though: the dark theme can disappear when you switch sections. To regain its effect, just reload the page. If you prefer to force the dark mode on all websites, you can enable the “Dark Mode” feature flag in Google Chrome. This feature works on all platforms but may not look as good as the native dark theme.

How To Turn On A Night Mode Extension:

One of the easiest ways to enjoy Instagram on your PC is by turning on the night mode extension. The Night Mode extension makes the web version of Instagram appear in a dark mode, which is better for the eyes and helps conserve battery life. You can install the extension from the Chrome web store. You’ll see a toggle button, which you need to tap to switch on the feature. The default setting is to turn it on, but you can also choose to disable it.

If you’re using Instagram on your PC, you’re probably tired of looking at the same bright-lit images on your smartphone or tablet. Then you’ll be glad to know that the app also has a night mode extension, so you can enjoy your Instagram experience even more. You’ll find the extension is available for all major web browsers, and it takes just a few seconds to install.

How To Turn On A Dark Theme From Within The App:

If you have a reddit app, there are two ways to turn on a dark theme on your device. First, tap on your user profile. Next, tap the moon icon in the pull-down menu. This will change the theme from the current light color to black. Alternatively, you can go to Settings and select Dark Mode. To enable this option, you can then change the app’s appearance by linking your dark theme with other apps on your device.

Open In Dark Mode By Default:

  1. Open Google Chrome on your PC.
  2. Type and enter chrome: // flags in the address bar. …
  3. On the flags page, search for “black.”
  4. Tap the flag drop-down menu for Auto Dark Mode for web content.
  5. Switch to Enable.
  6. Now, restart Chrome and open
  7. It should be open in black mode.

Moreover, you can also turn on a dark theme for your Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides apps. This feature allows you to preview your work in the light theme, while keeping the menu and border black. Then, simply tap the “Done” button and wait for the change to take effect. You can turn on a dark theme from within your app anytime you want. You can also toggle the dark theme for individual apps from Control Center.

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