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How To Enable Likes In YouTube Android

How to Enable Likes in YouTube Android

Enable Likes In YouTube Android videos can help influence a video’s view count and engagement. However, it’s important for creators to weigh the benefits of removing engagement features against potential drawbacks.

The best way to increase the number of likes on youtube is by using a paid service. There are many such services that provide quality and hassle-free packages.

Enabling likes on YouTube for Android is an easy process. However, the ability to like a video is typically a default feature provided by the YouTube app. To ensure that you can like videos on your Android device.


Follow These Steps:

Step 1: Download and Install the YouTube App

If you haven’t installed the YouTube app on your Android device, visit the Google Play Store, search for “YouTube,” and install the app.

2: Log in to Your YouTube Account

Open the YouTube app on your Android device and log in to your Google/YouTube account. Tap on the account icon at the top right corner of the screen and sign in with your credentials if you aren’t already logged in.

3: Find a Video to Like

Navigate to the video you want to like. Scroll through your YouTube feed, use the search bar to find a specific video, or explore channels to locate the video you wish to like.

4: Like a Video

Once you’ve found the video, tap on it to start playback. Below the video, you’ll find various options including a thumbs-up (like) and thumbs-down (dislike) icon. To like the video, tap the thumbs-up icon. The icon will change color to indicate that you’ve liked the video.

5: Check Your Liked Videos (Optional)

If you want to see the videos you’ve liked, you can do so by tapping on your account icon again, selecting “Library,” and then choosing “Liked Videos.” This will display a list of all the videos you have liked on YouTube.


If you’re experiencing issues with liking videos, here are some troubleshooting tips:

  1. Update the YouTube App: Ensure that your YouTube app is up to date. Go to the Google Play Store, search for the YouTube app, and if there’s an update available, tap “Update.”
  2. Check Internet Connection: Make sure your device is connected to the internet. A stable internet connection is required to like videos on YouTube.
  3. Clear App Cache and Data: Sometimes, app cache or data might cause issues. Go to your device’s Settings > Apps > YouTube. Tap on “Storage” and then select “Clear Cache” and “Clear Data.” Note that this will log you out of the app, so you’ll need to sign in again.
  4. Check Account Settings: Ensure that you’re logged into the correct YouTube account. Sometimes, users have multiple accounts and might accidentally be using a different account that doesn’t allow liking videos.
  5. Reinstall the App: If none of the above steps work, you can try uninstalling the YouTube app and reinstalling it from the Google Play Store.

By following these steps and troubleshooting tips, you should be able to enable and use the like feature on YouTube for Android. Remember, liking a video is a simple way to show appreciation or support for the content you enjoy!

How to enable likes

Likes and dislikes on YouTube are an important way for viewers to express their opinions about video content. However, some content creators may prefer to disable these features for specific videos. This can be helpful for certain situations, such as when a teacher uploads educational content or a business showcases its products. In these cases, disabling likes and dislikes can allow the video to focus on its message without influencing public opinion.

To enable likes on a particular video, first tap the YouTube app icon, which is a white “Play” triangle button with a red background. This will open your YouTube home page if you’re logged in. If you’re not, you’ll be prompted to sign in with your email address or registered phone number.

On the YouTube home page, scroll down and tap Library. This will open your list of playlists and recent videos. From there, select the Liked videos option, which is located near the bottom of the screen. This will open a list of your liked videos, with the videos appearing in order from most recently to least recently liked.

How to disable likes

Likes and dislikes are an important measure of viewer engagement for video content creators. They help determine a video’s popularity and influence search rankings on YouTube. However, not everyone wants this information displayed for their videos. Disabling likes and dislikes on a YouTube video allows content creators to control their audience’s feedback.

However, turning off this feature may limit engagement. In addition, it can cause a video to lose visibility on YouTube. Ultimately, the decision to disable likes and dislikes should be a strategic one, based on the goals and priorities of each creator.

To disable the like and dislike buttons on a YouTube video, select the video and choose More Options. Scroll down to Comments and Ratings and ensure that the checkbox next to “Show how many viewers like and dislike this video” is unchecked. Then, save your changes.

How to hide likes

Enable Likes In YouTube Android platform is a world of metrics and engagement. The more likes and dislikes a video receives in the first few hours or days after it’s uploaded, the higher its likelihood of being picked up by the site’s algorithm and recommended to millions of viewers. By default, these statistics are visible to users.

However, some creators may not want to have these features visible on their videos. Whether they’re educators creating educational content or businesses showcasing their products, disabling the ratings feature can help them focus solely on their content without distraction.

To hide likes on a specific video, head to your YouTube studio and click on the gear-shaped settings icon. Select ’upload defaults’ from the options and uncheck the ‘show how many viewers like this video’ box. Save your changes. This will hide the likes on a particular video but won’t affect any other videos on your channel. Similarly, you can hide the user ratings on individual videos by clicking on the edit button and selecting ’hide user ratings’.

How to hide dislikes

Likes and dislikes are important to YouTube content creators because they give the platform a sense of how well their videos are received by viewers. This feedback helps YouTube decide what video to show users next and keeps them engaged on the site for longer.

However, if you’re a content creator, you might want to hide dislikes because they can be damaging to your brand image. Disabling dislike counts can also affect engagement by limiting the number of views and likes your videos receive.

To hide dislikes, scroll down to the box that says “Users can view ratings for this video.” Uncheck the box to hide the count. You can still see dislikes through the Return YouTube Dislikes extension, which displays a video’s estimated ratio on its information bar. This feature works in all browsers, including Chrome, Edge, and Firefox. However, it may not work on iOS devices. The extension uses extrapolated data to calculate dislike totals, so it’s not as accurate as the actual number of dislikes for a particular video.

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