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How To Enable Copy Paste In Restricted Websites

How to Enable Copy Paste in Restricted Websites

Having trouble copying and pasting in restricted websites? There are several solutions you can use, including Simple Allow Copy, Super Copy, or a proxy website. If your website blocks text selection, use one of these solutions to get around these restrictions. By the time you’ve finished reading this article, you should be able to use them to paste content into restricted websites. But before we get started, let’s review what you can do to enable copy paste in restricted websites.

If you are having trouble copying and pasting content from restricted websites, try downloading the Simple Allow Copy Chrome extension. This free extension disables JavaScript and lets you copy and paste any text from any website. To download Simple Allow Copy, go to the Chrome web store and install it. Once installed, the extension will show up in your browser extension bar. This extension is useful for users who want to copy and paste text from websites that are difficult to copy from Google.


Once the extension is installed, you’ll see a small icon on your browser’s address bar. Click on this icon and it will turn from gray to multiple colors. Then you’re ready to paste text into websites. After pasting text, you’ll be able to paste it into other applications. This extension can also bypass copy and paste blocks on websites that require user authorization. Simply install the extension from the chrome web store and enable it in the top right corner of your browser.

How To Enable Voice Search In Chrome Android:

The Chrome browser has a unique feature that will allow you to copy and paste in websites that are not enabled for this functionality. When you first visit a website, the right-click and copy options will not be available. However, if you are using Chrome, you can easily enable this feature by enabling the settings menu. Click the three dots in the top-right corner of the browser to get to the settings menu.

The Super Copy copy paste window will automatically record your copied texts when you close it. The copy paste window will also record every copied entry in the background. If you accidentally copy a whole section of text, you can go back to that particular section and paste the copied text. Then, you can easily paste the copied text into a new page. This feature also allows you to paste selected text from any site into another window.

How To Using A Proxy Website:

Many free proxy sites allow you to disable JavaScript and use a browser that does not block JS. Alternatively, you can use a VPN or a poxy website to access the protected website. The poxy site may have JavaScript disabled by default. Depending on your preference, you can try downloading the whole page and copying it offline. It will be up to you whether this method is ethical or not.

Many proxy services also allow you to disable scripts and right-click context menus on websites. Using a VPN will ensure that you stay anonymous when browsing the internet. While proxy services can’t match a VPN in terms of security, they can still unlock blocked websites. However, they cannot provide the level of security that a VPN offers. So, be careful when using a proxy service.

How To Bypassing Text Selection Restrictions:

Bypassing text selection restrictions in restricted websites is possible using the Chrome Web Store. You can download extensions for the Chrome browser such as NoScript or Disable JavaScript. Both of these extensions allow you to view the source code of a website and bypass text selection restrictions. After installing these extensions, restart your browser to check if the text selection restrictions have been resolved. If they haven’t, try right-clicking the problematic page, then selecting Print to PDF. If you can copy-paste a PDF, you’ve got the problem fixed. I not, it’s likely a browser issue. Disable all browser extensions and try again.

There are many ways to copy text from a website, including using OCR tools. You can also use the right-click extension in the Chrome Web Store. Simply click on the extension’s icon in the address bar to install it. Once installed, you can use the right-click feature in the web address bar. You may need to disable JavaScript or run the extension in “ultimate mode” to enable this feature.

Open Chrome Go To The Website:

  1. Click the extension icon
  2. After the popup opens, use the “Allow copy paste to all websites” checkbox.
  3. Manually refresh the page and see if the extension has successfully enabled the copy-paste functionality of the website.

You can also turn off this feature by clicking on the “disable lookup” option in the Options menu. OCR is computationally expensive, so lazy recognition is recommended. This feature will delay the recognition process until the last moment. The process will take between 5 to 10 seconds, depending on the size of the image or selection. After the OCR has finished, click the “Ctrl+C” keyboard shortcut to copy the text to the clipboard.

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