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How to Enable Amazon Smile 2022

Enable Amazon Smile on Your Phone

If you’ve been wishing to use enable amazon smile 2022 for your online shopping, you’ve come to the right place. The Amazon Smile website and app allow you to donate a portion of your purchases to a charity of your choice. Once you’ve signed up, the next step is to enable the feature on your phone. To enable the feature, open the Settings page on your phone and tap the ‘Start Shopping’ button. Then, choose the charity you’d like to donate to.


Once you’ve set up your account, the first thing you should do is go to the Amazon Smile website. This site will take a few minutes to open, and you can easily switch your selection whenever you want. Then, simply shop through Amazon Smile from the official Amazon app. This will allow you to use Amazon Smile on your phone at any time. The program will donate 0.5% of your purchase price to charity each time you make a purchase.

Once you’ve created an account on Amazon Smile, you can begin shopping using the charitable program. However, keep in mind that Amazon Smile donations don’t replace personal donations. Instead, it gives you an additional avenue to support your favorite cause while you shop. And if you already have an account with Amazon, you’ll want to make sure that you enable it on your computer and smartphone.

Enable Amazon Smile 2022 Process Is Simple:

Once you’ve chosen your charity, it’s time to choose an organization. You can choose a charity from the list at the top of the page or type it in yourself. Just follow the instructions on the page to make your purchase and you’re ready to shop! You’ll be happy you did! And as long as you’re using a valid email address, the process is simple. If you don’t want to choose a charity, you can do it later. The Amazon Smile website will automatically search for your organization’s EIN number. After verifying your nonprofit’s name, you can click on the link to enable your organization on the site.

After enabling Amazon Smile, you can choose your favorite charity and start shopping. You’ll be able to see which charity is eligible to receive donations from Amazon. Once you’ve selected your charity, the next step is to choose a charity in the list. By default, the charity you choose will be listed on the confirmation screen. This step is vital in order to ensure that Amazon Smile is enabled on your account.

Enable Amazon Smile 2022 Check Your Account Periodically:

Once you’ve enabled Amazon Smile, you should check your account periodically. You need to keep it updated. Even if you don’t use Amazon Smile, your donations can add up over time. Fortunately, it’s free to set up, and the process is very simple. Once your nonprofit has a verified account, you can start earning funds. Your supporters can also help you raise funds by shopping on Amazon Smile.

You can also donate through Amazon Smile if you don’t want to make a donation yourself. While it may be a small amount, every dollar helps. Every time someone makes a purchase on Amazon Smile, you’ll be donating to a different charity. This is a great way to get involved in influencer marketing. Most supporters of a nonprofit will use Amazon Smile to make a donation.

Amazon Smile your account and registered a charity:

Once you’ve set up your account and registered a charity, you can shop on Amazon while donating to your favorite charity. You can select the charity yourself or allow it to choose for you. Alternatively, if you’re unable to remember to enable Amazon Smile on your computer, you can set it up through your mobile device.

Set Up Your Amazon App:

  1. Click the main menu button (☰). This is possible in up or down your screen depending on your phone. (Fig. Right)
  2. In the main menu, scroll down and click on Settings. (Figure 2, below)
    In the Settings sub-menu.
  3. click on Amazon Smile. (Figure 3, below) On the Amazon Smile Settings page.
  4. click the yellow button that reads Open Amazon Smile. (Figure 4, below)
  5. One last step: You will be taken to the last page to confirm.
  6. Click the yellow button again to confirm i want to open Amazon Smile in mobile app! (Figure 5, below)

You can also use Amazon Smile to make donations to your favorite charity. Just visit Amazon Smile and enter the charity’s name in the box. This will then automatically make a donation to the charity. You can even use your mobile device to access Amazon Smile. When you’re finished shopping, you can then use the Amazon mobile app to sign in to the platform. During your shopping, you can choose the charities you’d like to support by using the Amazon Smile application form.

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