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How To Enable Intel Turbo Boost In BIOS

How to Disable Intel Turbo Boost in Bios

If you want your PC to be as quiet and cool as possible, you should enable Intel Turbo Boost in bios. It can increase your CPU’s speed and cause a malfunctioning airflow meter. However, it also increases the risk of a malfunctioning airflow meter and could cause your performance to be unstable. This article will show you how to disable Intel Turbo Boost. This will improve the overall performance and efficiency of your PC.

If you’re looking to make your PC run cooler and quieter, turning off Intel Turbo Boost may be the answer. This feature temporarily increases the CPU’s speed without sacrificing thermals. However, the added performance that Turbo Boost offers can take a toll on your system. Thankfully, it’s possible to turn off Turbo Boost in order to keep your PC quieter and cooler Google.


Disabling Intel Turbo Boost is possible through the BIOS. To turn this feature off, navigate to the Power Options menu in the Control Panel. Open the Advanced Core Features section and click on the processor power management tab. Then, select “Disable Processor Turbo Boost” from the drop-down menu. Generally, this option is hidden in the Advanced Power Management settings, so you may have to modify your BIOS to find it.

How Can Increase Your CPU’s Clock Speed:

If you are experiencing issues with overheating, disable the feature in the BIOS. Make sure that you restart your PC after you’ve disabled it. The feature will still be disabled after rebooting. But if you don’t want to experience any side effects, it is best to disable Intel Turbo Boost in BIOS. It has no known side effects, but if you do happen to encounter a problem with the feature, you can always turn it off in the BIOS. enable intel turbo boost in bios

Turbo Boost is a technology that increases your CPU’s clock speed dynamically. When activated, Turbo Boost can boost the clock speed of your CPU by 200 MHz. It can be beneficial to increase your CPU’s frequency temporarily, but you should remember that it will increase the power and heat produced by the processor. Using Turbo Boost may also result in shortening the life of your CPU.

How To Enable Intel Turbo Boost Windows 11:

The maximum turbo frequency of a processor is the maximum frequency that it can reach when it is in boost mode. This allows the processor to deliver a sudden burst of speed to individual cores. Intel has a few proprietary boost functions that can increase your CPU’s clock speed. For example, if you’re running a game and press F11, it will boost all active cores at the same time to make them faster.

If you’ve noticed a slow performance of your computer lately, then the problem may be caused by a malfunctioning airflow meter. This meter measures the airflow of your processor. If it’s not working properly, then there may be a malfunction with the Intel Turbo Boost. It’s a common problem that affects many users, especially those who are new to gaming.

How Might Cause Instability In Performance:

In many cases, overclocking your CPU may cause performance instability, and disabling Turbo Boost could help you avoid this. The main reason for this is that Intel’s chips have low base frequencies and are susceptible to overclocking, which might lead to instability. Alternatively, you might be experiencing battery drain, which is another reason to disable Turbo Boost. Below are some ways to fix this issue. Hopefully, these tips will help you fix the problem and improve your performance.

Follow These Steps:

  1. On the System Utilities screen, select System Configuration > BIOS/Platform Configuration (RBSU) > Performance Options > Intel (R)
  2. Turbo Boost Technology and press Enter.
  3. Select a setting and press Enter. …
  4. Press F10.

To disable Intel Turbo Boost, go to the Control Panel and click on Power Options. Then, open the Advanced Power Settings section. There, find the Processor power management section. Change the On battery and connected to 99 percent and click on the Advanced power settings button. Make sure you enable Maximum processor state. Intel Turbo Boost has many advantages, but it may cause performance instability for some people. You may want to disable it to get the best performance with low utilization.

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