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How To Enable AMP In WordPress

How To Enable AMP In WordPress For The Best AMP Websites

If you want to test how AMP works for your enable amp in WordPress website, you can simply install the AMP plugin and activate it on your website. This plugin will add the AMP format to all your content. If you want to check how well your content is working, try to visit a site with an AMP version of the content. You should see an error message in red. If you encounter any errors, you should fix them right away.

Once you’ve installed AMP for enable amp in WordPress, you’ll need to configure its settings. The AMP plugin has advanced settings to allow you to customize how your site looks to users on mobile devices. If you’re using a standard website, you should set up the plugin so that it works only for users who click from the SERP. There are also premium extensions that provide extra features, including Email options, CTA buttons, and custom-post type support Google.


The AMP plugin is an official WordPress plugin developed by Google and Automatics, the parent company of WP. As of August 2020, the plugin has more than 500,000 active installations and is the first CMS to implement AMP. AMP was updated in August of this year and includes a number of new features. AMP is very easy to install and configure. It even comes with a configuration wizard. Once you’ve activated the AMP plugin, you can start testing AMP on your website.

Can I Use AMP In WordPress:

Once you’ve enabled the plugin, you can begin configuring the settings for the AMP version of your posts. These settings include the URL, display, and sticky social icons, and other options. You can also add an excerpt to single AMP posts and enable next-previous-link functionality at the bottom of the page. To test how your site is performing on mobile devices, you can test it by refreshing your site.

If you want to use AMP on your website, you must download the AMP plugin. Once installed, activate the AMP plugin on your website and then enable it. You can also customize the plugin settings in the AMP General tab of your dashboard. Once you have a fully functional AMP website, you can begin marketing to your targeted audience. It’s important to make your site search engine-friendly to attract more visitors. You can promote your website through the AMP plugin on your site.

How Do I Install An AMP Plugin In WordPress:

When your website is ready for the amp, you’ll need to enable the plugin on your website. This will help your visitors find your pages faster. This will improve their experience and increase your website’s visibility in Google. However, there are some problems that you need to be aware of. It is not possible to enable AMP on all of your pages. To enable AMP, you should install the AMP plugin and activate it.

Plugins are essential for AMP to work. AMP plugins can help you remove invalid markup and prevent incompatible plugins from running on your site. This can help your visitors read your pages faster. If you’re worried about enabling AMP on your site, you can install the official AMP plugin. It will automatically convert your content and template to a readable format. It is highly recommended to use this plugin on your website.

How Do I Add An AMP To My Website:

To enable AMP on your site, you need to download the AMP plugin. It will help your site appear faster on mobile and is free to download. You can also install AMP plugins to your site if your content already has AMP tags. You’ll need to activate the AMP plugin manually. Then, you’ll need to change the appearance settings of your website. This will make your site look better on mobile.

Setting Up And Testing AMP For WordPress:

  1. Install and activate your AMP plugin.
  2. Set up Google Analytics.
  3. Configure plugin settings.
  4. Check / confirm your AMP setting.
  5. Submit your most important AMP URLs for identification.
  6. Look at the Google Search Console to resolve errors.
  7. Check page speed.
  8. Get started with AMP!

Once you’ve installed the AMP plugin, you should go back to your WordPress dashboard to configure it. You can find the plugin in the plugin directory. During the install, you need to select the AMP WP plugin. It will open the customizer. After installation, you’ll see two sections. In the first, you can choose the AMP for WP plugin, you need to enable AMP for your site.

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