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How To Screenshot On Laptop Dell

How to Screenshot on Laptop Dell

There are a couple of ways to take a screenshot on a Dell laptop. The easiest way is to click on the window you want to capture and then press Alt and Prt Sc at the same time. To save the screenshot, you must perform a second step to save it as a file. Dell laptops take screenshots to the clipboard and you can paste them into a graphics editing program. Here’s a quick guide to taking screenshots on a Dell laptop.

The Print Screen key on a Dell laptop is located on the keyboard near the Delete key. When you press this key, the screen will be copied to the clipboard. Once the screenshot is saved, you can paste it into another program. The Print Screen key on Dell laptops is also useful if you only want to capture a specific window or part of the screen. It is not uncommon to see the key referred to as PrtScn on Dell laptops Google.


The print screen key on a Dell laptop is labeled ‘Prt Sc.’ It may also be referred to as ‘F10’. It is located in the top row of the keyboard, sometimes next to the Delete key. Pressing both keys at the same time will take a screenshot of the entire screen. Once the screenshot is taken, the screen will flicker for a second to confirm that it was successfully captured.

How To Screenshot On Dell Laptop Windows 10:

On most Dell laptops, the key labeled ‘Print Screen’ is located in the upper right hand corner of the keyboard, usually next to the Delete key. Press this key to take a screen capture of the entire screen, or press Alt+ PrtSc to capture only a particular window. The screenshot is then copied to the clipboard. You can then edit the screenshot using an image editing software such as Paint or Adobe PhotoShop.

If your Dell laptop is running Windows 10, simply press the Windows key and the G letter key. In Windows 8, you will want to press the PrtScr key. If you don’t have these keys, open File Explorer, where you will find the Screenshots folder and Pictures folder. Click on the desired screenshot and save it to a folder. You can then print it out for any purpose you need.

How To Taking A Screenshot With Paint:

On a Dell laptop, you can take a screenshot by pressing the Alt key along with PrtScn. This will copy a screenshot of the active window to the clipboard. You can then paste it into the Paint desktop application to save the image. You can also chat with a Dell technical support representative for help. Also download and install the Windows Snipping Tool. You can find it in the list of applications under “Accessories”.

To take a screenshot on Dell laptops, you need to click the Windows key and the G letter. The print screen key is often labeled “Print Screen” or “PrintScn”. You can also find it by pressing the Alt+Insert keys together. Holding the Alt key while pressing the Prt Sc key will enable you to capture a single window. The screenshot you have taken will appear in the “Pictures” or “Screenshots” folder.

How To Taking A Screenshot With A Shortcut:

If you are using a Dell laptop, you may be wondering how to take a screenshot. The keyboard key known as Prnt Sc is often found on the upper-right corner of the computer’s keyboard, between the Delete and Insert keys. It takes a picture of the entire screen and copies it to the clipboard. The screen will flicker for a second after the screenshot is taken. If you are looking to take a screenshot of just a window, press ALT + Prt Sc.

Another option is to press the Windows logo key, or the PrtScn key. Press the Win key simultaneously with the PrtScr key, and you should see a screenshot appear on your computer. Once you’ve taken your screenshot, you can edit it with the Snagit Editor. This feature will allow you to add text and shapes, make adjustments and effects, and share your screenshot with others.

How To Screenshot On Dell Laptop Windows 7:

Taking a screenshot is simple – just press the Windows Key and the Shift key together. You will see a window pop up with a cursor, and you can then draw a region on the screen to capture it. Once the screenshot is captured, you can paste it to a new document or use a paint program to edit it. The “Print Screen” key is often found on the right side of the Dell keyboard.

You can also use Snagit, a screenshot application, to capture a screenshot with Windows Vista/XP. After installing it, open File Explorer and choose the Pictures or Screenshots folder. Once you’ve done that, you can paste or edit the screenshot in Paint and save it. The Snipping Tool is installed on all Dell laptops. Taking a screenshot with Windows Vista/XP on laptop Dell is as simple as pressing a key.

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