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How To Enable Youtube On Family Link

How to Enable YouTube on a Chromebook

To enable YouTube on your child’s device, you need to first enable Family Link. Once the device is configured, go to Settings > Google > Parental controls. From the list, select the child or teen account you’d like to enable. From the list of apps, select YouTube, then touch the “Approve” button. Your child should see a warning screen indicating that a video or application is inappropriate. To fix this, follow these steps.


First, you need to install the YouTube app on your child’s device. If you’re using Google’s free service, you’ll need to configure your account to enable videos. If you’ve set up a control account, click the Manage Settings button next to the child’s profile name. Then, you can open the YouTube application. If your child has a Google Play account, the parent will need to approve the application’s permission to allow it to run Google.

To enable YouTube on your child’s device, make sure you’ve already set up your control account. Make sure your child is over 13 years of age and that you’ve set up a parent-group password. Then, tap on the child’s profile name, then tap on the Manage Settings button. Now, choose the “Enable YouTube” option. Once you’ve done this, you’ll see an option to enable or disable parental controls.

How To Allow Youtube On Family Link Chromebook:

Once your child has installed Family Link on their device, you’ll need to approve the Google Play Store request. After your child has been approved, you’ll need to set restrictions. You can also prevent your child from accessing adult or inappropriate content, and you can view and change the restrictions at any time. Once your child is 13 and has a control account, you can remove parental controls and allow them to access YouTube.

If you’d like to remove parental controls, you’ll need to manually approve each app your child uses. This will prevent your child from accessing any content that is inappropriate for children. Once your child is supervised, they can access YouTube on their own. The same goes for any music. You can control the playlist and even download music. This way, you’ll be able to control what your kids watch on their devices.

How To Enable Youtube Family Link;

After you’ve set up the limits on your child’s device, you’ll need to manually approve every YouTube app your child accesses. You can also manually approve each download your child makes, including those that are classified as PEGI-12. This will prevent your child from seeing and watching content that is inappropriate for their age. In addition, you can disable the limitations on the content that your child can watch.

Once you’ve enabled the parental controls on your child’s device, you’ll be able to review your child’s activity. While you’ll be able to see the videos and music your child has watched, you can also manage how much time your child spends watching them. Fortunately, Family Link is available for both Chromebooks and Android devices, so your children can access it on both devices.

How To Allow Youtube On Child Account:

You can also use Family Link to set daily limits for the different apps on your child’s device. If your child is using Android, you can see where he or she is using it. You can turn on this feature by tapping the hourglass icon next to the app. If you’re using it for a parent or a child, you can opt to set a limited location for the Android devices.

With The Family Link App:

  1. On your device, open the Family Link app.
  2. Choose your child.
  3. Tap Manage Settings. YouTube.
  4. Under “YouTube Settings” tap Edit.
  5. Select the content setting you want to change.
  6. To confirm, press Select.

When your child has an Android device, you can enable Family Link to control their screen time. The parental app will automatically pop up a notification when your child downloads an app. The notification includes the name of the app, the publisher, the average star rating, and the number of downloads. You can set a time limit by clicking on the “Edit” button in the settings menu. If your child watches a video, the notification will tell him or her to turn off the app.

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