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How To Enable NFC On iPhone

How to Enable NFC on Your iPhone

You may be wondering how to enable NFC on your iPhone. Here are some of the most popular and useful ways to do so. Note that older iPhone models do not support NFC, and the easiest way to use it is to purchase a device that has this feature. In addition, older iPhone models do not have NFC tag readers built into them. However, newer iPhone models include an automatic background tag reader, and all you need to do is hold your device near the NFC sticker.

You may be wondering how to enable NFC on your new Apple iPhone 13. You can do so by downloading the latest iOS version. This allows you to read and write NFC tags. However, you will have to remember a few things to get the best performance out of your NFC-capable iPhone. The iPhone 13’s antenna is small and focused, which is why it can’t read smaller NFC tags. Seritag recommends using a standard 20-40mm NFC tag. If you’re not sure how to position them, watch their 90-second video Google.


To enable NFC, you’ll need to go to Settings and open the Control Center. Then, tap on the NFC tag reader icon. When the tag reader icon is visible, tap it gently to scan it. Once the tag reader is enabled, your iPhone will start searching for nearby tags. Alternatively, you can use a Bluetooth tag reader to pair your iPhone with other NFC devices. You can read more about how to enable NFC on your iPhone X by reading the following steps.

 How To Enable NFC On iPhone 13:

How to enable NFC on iPhone 8? Apple Pay requires NFC on your iPhone work. However, you may want to turn it off if you’re not using Apple Pays. Thankfully, iOS 13 has added some useful features to the iPhone, including lock NFC tags and UID access. You can also now use your iPhone to scan NFC tags in the background, which means you won’t need to install a separate app to scan a tag.

To use NFC in Apple Pay, you must have your iPhone unlocked. When you’re shopping in a store, you can scan a contactless payment tag on a receipt by touching the top of the iPhone’s back. To turn on NFC, turn off your screen, press the physical button twice, and look at the phone. Next, tap the screen twice to enable NFC. You’ll notice a new icon on the bottom of your screen.

 How To Enable NFC On iPhone iPhone 8 Plus:

If you have an iPhone 8 Plus, you may have been wondering how to enable NFC. You can do this by simply tapping on the NFC reader icon in Control Center. This will activate the NFC reader. You will now be able to scan tags with your iPhone using Apple Pays. To enable NFC on your iPhone, you will need to make sure that your phone is unlocked. To do this, you should also sign out of your Apple Account and then sign back in.

Apple’s iPhone XR and XS models support NFC natively without requiring a software update. While the XR is the cheapest model, it also has more NFC functionality than the other models. All iPhone models from the XS up support NFC, and can read NFC tags. However, the XS and XR can encode NFC tags.

Open The Settings App:

  1. First open the Settings app on your iPhone.
  2. Then select the “Control Center” option.
  3. Scroll down and press the green button to the left of the “NFC Tag Reader”.

If you’re interested in enabling NFC on your iPhone SE, the first thing you’ll need to do is update your operating system. Previously, only the iPhone 6 and iPhone SE 2020 were equipped with the technology. For the most part, you’ll only be able to read NFC tags, but you can also encode and write them if you’re using the latest version of iOS.

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