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How To Enable Mute Status In whatsapp

How to Enable Mute Status in WhatsApp

If you’re in a conversation with someone who often sends you annoying messages, you might be wondering how to enable mute status in WhatsApp. This feature lets you block or hide the content of a particular status update. You can mute a contact’s status update by selecting the down arrow next to ‘Muted updates’. Or, you can simply hold the down-arrow next to a specific status update and tap ‘Unmute’ to unmute it. In a similar way, muting a contact’s status update will also mute all of their status updates.

To enable mute status, open the Status tab and tap on any message you wish to send. Then, tap the three dots next to the contact’s name to see the options. To send the message to a group, tap ‘Unmute’. You will no longer receive their updates. You can now start conversations with other people who don’t want to be disturbed by mindless posts Google.


To mute status in WhatsApp, tap on the “unmute” option at the top-right corner of the message. Once you’ve unmounted the status, you can re-enable the unused status. You can also delete status posts and reactivate them later. To enable mute in WhatsApp, you must open the app and go to the Status tab. To pause a status, tap on the three dots next to the status. Once you’ve enabled ‘Mute’, click on ‘Remove’, then ‘Unmute’.

How To Unmute Whatsapp Status On Android:

The next time you want to mute a status update, all you need to do is open the Status section in the app and tap on the contact. Then, tap on the “forward” button at the bottom of the Status, then select the person you’d like to mute. This will prevent that person from sending mindless updates and messages to you. So, the next time you want to silence someone, do it.

The next step in enabling the mute status in WhatsApp is to send the person a message you don’t want to see. While muting a status on WhatsApp does not affect their visibility on Facebook or Twitter, it merely prevents them from seeing the message in your profile. In addition to sending a message, you can also block the person on WhatsApp by clicking the ‘mute’ button.

How To Unmute Muted Status In Whatsapp:

In WhatsApp, there are three types of muting: chat, status, and groups. You can mute a status by clicking the vertical ellipsis button on the top-right corner of the app. In the status update section, tap on the ‘mute’ button. Then, tap on the “muted” contact to unite them. This will show the message in your contacts’ list but not be visible to you.

You can also unmake a contact in WhatsApp. You can do this by tapping the ‘unmute’ button in the upper-right corner of your profile. It will open a menu where you can find various options. In the bottom-left corner of the profile, tap the ‘mute’ option. This will enable you to unmute a person’s status without having to block them.

How To Unmute Someone On Whatsapp:

You can also unmake a person’s status in WhatsApp. By highlighting the ‘mute’ icon in the profile, you can choose to silence the message. You can also turn off the read-receipts option. If you want to mute a contact, you can click the ‘unmute’ button in their profile. However, you cannot unite a group chat.

If you want to mute a contact, you need to find their ‘unmute’ button in their profile. By tapping the ‘unmute’ button, you can change the status of any message. You can also mute a group’s status. The first step is to open WhatsApp. By clicking ‘unmute’, you can select the user you want to mute.

How To Mute Status Update:

  1. Open WhatsApp> STATUS.
  2. Tap and hold a contact status update.
  3. Tap Silence.

After enabling the mute status, you can now unite a particular contact’s status. To do this, you need to open the application in question. Then, open the status of that contact. You can then click on the ‘mute’ button in the notification area to unite the contact. By doing this, you will not be notified about their messages anymore.

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