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How To Turn On WhatsApp Notification

How To Turn On WhatsApp Notification

If you’re wondering how to turn on WhatsApp notification, read this guide. The app is designed to notify you about incoming messages. You can enable this feature if you’re an iPhone user. You can even enable it in the background while you’re using it. Keep in mind, however, that you will still receive notifications when you exit WhatsApp. To enable notifications on your iPhone, simply go to the Settings menu and tap Notifications. You can also choose whether or not you want your device to vibrate or make a sound.

There are two ways to disable notifications. The first option allows you to choose a different sound for each type. This feature allows you to select the type of sound or vibration. The other option is to turn off the notification altogether. Ensure that you have your data limit turned off when you enable this feature. This way, you won’t miss any messages. If you don’t want to disable the notification, you can always remove the app and log out of the app Google.


If you want to turn off WhatsApp notification on iPhone, you can go to the Settings tab in the bottom-right corner of your screen. In the Message Notifications section, select Show Notifications On/Off. Click the gray switch to turn off notifications. You can also select a different sound for particular groups. Once you have turned off notifications, you can easily re-enable them by following the instructions above.

How To Show Whatsapp Notification On Screen:

Another way to turn off WhatsApp notification is to disable the sound that you hear whenever you’re on a chat or group chat screen. While this may be annoying, many people don’t use their phones for social media, so enabling the notification for this feature will keep your messages flowing without interruption. It’s best to check your messages daily for important notifications. To do this, just open the WhatsApp app on your phone and open the group you want to disable notifications for.

The second method is to disable the notifications for a certain contact or group. To turn off notifications for a specific contact, just click the profile picture and select “Mute” or “Hide” to uncheck notifications for the entire group. The same steps are required for muting the notifications for other chats. To mute a chat, tap the contact’s profile picture. It will then appear on your screen if they have unread messages.

Whatsapp Notifications Working On Android:

You can enable desktop notifications if you’re an Android user. You can enable notifications for contacts and groups using the settings menu in your phone. On Windows, the app will allow you to turn on notifications on your phone, but the web version doesn’t. Nevertheless, if you’re a Windows user, you can enable desktop notifications in the settings menu in your browser. This will make your chats more private and prevent people from disturbing you.

If you’re an Android user, you can enable the popup notification feature. This feature will enable notifications for specific contacts or groups based on the status of your screen. You can also disable notifications for all contacts and groups. To turn on WhatsApp notification, just go to the settings menu and tap “Always on” to enable it. This will enable the popup window for the relevant contact or group. You can then toggle off the popup notifications on your phone.

How To Turn On Whatsapp Notifications On iPhone:

To change the ringtone for all contacts, tap the Notification Center. Here, you can customize the sound and color of your phone notifications. You can even set a custom notification ringtone for your contacts. If you’re not getting notifications, you can disable the group ringtone and set the default ping tone for all groups. Then, you can reset your phone to make the notifications work again. If the settings are too confusing, try resetting your phone. This will give you a fresh start.

Turning On Android Settings:

  1. Open your Android Settings app. On most devices, the Settings app looks like a gear or screen icon in your apps menu. On some devices, it may look like a toolbox.
  2. Tap on the apps or app manager in Settings. You will see one of these two options in your device Settings menu. It will open a list of all your applications. You can change your app settings here.
  3. Scroll down and press WhatsApp. This will open the WhatsApp Application Information page.
  4. Tap Notifications. You will see this option at the bottom of the Application Information page. If you have previously turned off WhatsApp notifications, the Notifications option may indicate “Blocked” or “Off.” Typing it will allow you to change your notification settings.
  5. Slide Block all switch to Off mode. App notifications are automatically enabled, but if you previously changed your notification settings and blocked your notifications, you can turn them on again here by disabling blocking.

You can set the ringtone for all contacts in WhatsApp. This will make it easier to differentiate between contacts on your phone. You can also choose the audio tone or ringtone for individual contacts. This can be done by tapping the icon on the top of your screen. There are several different settings for WhatsApp notifications. You can even select the sounds and prioritize them. The notification tone is set when you receive a message from a particular group.

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