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How To Enable Cheats In Sims 4

How to Enable Cheats in Sims 4

Enable Cheats In Sims 4 Cheating in The Sims series has always been one of the most popular activities for players. It’s a way to get some extra perks and have more fun playing God in your very own Sim world.

On PC, it’s as easy as pressing CTRL + SHIFT + C to bring up the cheat console. On consoles, you’ll need to press all four trigger/shoulder buttons to open the console.

Enabling cheats in The Sims 4 can be a fun way to enhance your gameplay by giving you access to various commands and features. Here’s a detailed guide in around 900 words to help you enable cheats in The Sims 4:

The Sims 4 offers players the ability to use cheats to modify their gameplay experience. Cheats can provide your Sims with unlimited resources, alter their moods, and even change the game environment. To enable cheats in The Sims 4, you’ll need to follow a few simple steps.


Step 1: Accessing the Cheat Console:

The first step in enabling cheats is to open the cheat console. To do this, press Ctrl + Shift + C on your keyboard. This key combination works for both Windows and Mac operating systems. After pressing these keys, a text box will appear at the top of your screen, indicating that you’ve successfully opened the cheat console.

2: Entering Cheat Codes:

With the cheat console open, you can now enter various cheat codes to achieve different effects in the game. Cheat codes in The Sims 4 typically consist of a specific command followed by additional parameters. For example, to give your Sims additional money, you would enter the cheat code “motherlode” followed by the amount of money you want to add.

Common Cheat Codes:

  1. Money Cheats:
    • motherlode – Adds §50,000 to your household funds.
    • kaching – Adds §1,000 to your household funds.
  2. Mood Cheats:
    • testingcheats on – Enables testing cheats, allowing you to shift-click on Sims and objects for additional options.
    • sims.give_satisfaction_points X – Grants your Sims satisfaction points, with “X” representing the amount.
  3. Building Cheats:
    • bb.moveobjects on – Allows you to place objects anywhere, including overlapping.
    • bb.showhiddenobjects – Unlocks hidden objects in Build/Buy mode.
  4. Career Cheats:
    • careers.promote X – Promotes your Sim in their current career, with “X” being the career name.
  5. Relationship Cheats:
    • modifyrelationship Sim1 Sim2 X LTR_Friendship_Main – Adjusts the relationship between two Sims, with “X” representing the amount.
  6. Age Cheats:
    • cas.fulleditmode – Enables full editing in Create-a-Sim, allowing you to modify Sims in more detail.
    • ageuptonpc – Ages up a Sim to the next life stage.
  7. Pregnancy Cheats:
    • pregnancy.force_offspring_count SimName X – Forces a Sim to have a specific number of babies, with “X” representing the number.

3: Using Testing Cheats:

The cheat code testing cheats on is a powerful command that unlocks additional options when you shift-click on Sims, objects, or the ground. To use testing cheats, follow these steps:

  1. Enable testing cheats by entering testing cheats on in the cheat console.
  2. Shift-click on a Sim to reveal various options, such as modifying their needs, promoting in careers, or adding them to your household.
  3. Shift-click on objects to access additional options, like resetting or upgrading them.

Step 4: Troubleshooting Cheat Issues:

Sometimes, cheat codes may not work as expected due to various reasons. Here are some troubleshooting tips:

  1. Ensure that you’ve typed the cheat code correctly, including any spaces or punctuation.
  2. Make sure testing cheats are enabled with testing cheats on before using other cheat codes.
  3. Check if the cheat you’re trying to use is still valid for the current game version.

Step 5: Disabling Cheats:

If you want to disable cheats, you can do so by entering testing cheats off in the cheat console. This will revert the game to its normal state, preventing you from using testing cheats or other cheat codes until you re-enable them.

How to enable cheats on PC

There are a ton of cheats that can be used in The Sims 4, and they can be very helpful if you need to speed up something or if you want to give your Sims a special ability. The first step to using cheats in The Sims 4 is enabling them, which can be done by pressing Ctrl+Shift+C on your keyboard (PC) or by pressing all four trigger/shoulder buttons on console. When the cheat console opens, type in “testing cheats on”. Once this is done, any code you enter will be active until you close the console.

Many players choose to use mods instead of cheat codes because they are a bit more complicated, but there is no denying that cheats make the game much easier and fun. This article will talk specifically about how to enable cheats in sims 4.

To enable cheats on PC, press ctrl + shift + c or all four shoulder buttons simultaneously. This will open up the cheat console, and you can then type in ‘testing cheats on’. Once this is done, you can now use any cheat that you like. This includes skills and career cheats, as well as the ‘add traits’ and’ remove traits’ cheats, which can be found on EA’s website and allow you to add or remove traits from your Sims.

How to enable cheats on Xbox

Cheat codes have always been a huge part of the Sims series. There’s just something about messing around with a world and its inhabitants that gets players in the zone. From money cheats to free real estate, there’s a lot of fun that can be had.

Unlike the PC version of The Sims 4, Xbox players don’t have access to a keyboard to enable cheats. Instead, they need to hold the four triggers or shoulder buttons (or Ctrl + Shift + C if using a mouse and keyboard) to open up console. From there, they can enter a variety of commands, including “testingcheats on” to activate the game’s cheat mode.

With testingcheats on, players can open up a special Shift-Click menu that opens when hovering over Sims, objects, or the ground. This allows them to perform a variety of new tricks like giving teens a different job, making Sims quit their jobs, or even granting them a promotion.

Some of the other more ‘useful’ cheats include adding career levels to a Sim, lowering or raising a Sim’s romance level, or changing the weather. Thankfully, most of these cheats also require “testingcheats on” to be enabled, so they’re fairly safe to use. Just remember to disable them once you’re done, and it’s back to normal gameplay again!

How to enable cheats on Mac

The Sims series has always been about playing god in a virtual sandbox, and this year’s entry is no exception. But in order to make use of some of the cheats available, players need to enable them first. This is a quick and easy process that’ll ensure most of the game’s cheats are at your disposal.

PC users will want to press Ctrl + Shift + C (or Command+ Shift + C on Mac) during gameplay, which will open the cheat console — a thin box that appears in the top-left corner of the screen. From here, you can enter a variety of unique codes that will let you do anything from changing your Sim’s traits and walk-style to speeding up their career progression.

Some of the more advanced cheats will require enabling Testing Cheats, which can be done by typing “testingcheats on” into the console or by entering the code directly into the game. It will disable all achievements and trophies outside of Build Mode, but it’s the only way to get these cheats to work.

Another cheat that will come in handy is bb.moveobjects, which removes the restrictions on where you can place objects in your build. It’s a great trick for allowing you to get creative in your builds. Other cheats that are useful include sim.fulleditmode, which lets you edit a Sim’s name, traits, and more in Create-a-Sim without needing to save the game. You can also disable need decay with this cheat and shift-click an NPC Sim to change their needs or make them happy again.

How to enable cheats on PS4

If you want to enable cheats in sims 4, you’ll need to press a special key combo while playing the game. On PC, this is the Ctrl + Shift + C buttons (or Command+Shift+C on a Mac). This opens the Cheat Console, which is a white dialogue box for entering commands. From here, you can enter unique cheat codes that will get you more stuff or help break the game’s rules.

Enabling cheats in the PS4 version of The Sims 4 is a little different from on PC. You’ll need to use the controller buttons instead of a keyboard, but the process is very similar. To start, launch a new game or load a saved one and then press and hold the L1+R1+L2+R2 buttons on your PlayStation controller (or the same combination of button presses on a Xbox controller). This will open the Cheat Console, which is a thin box at the top of the screen.

Once you’ve opened the cheat console, type testing cheats true into the box to turn on the cheat mode. You’ll need this enabled to unlock some of the more advanced cheats in the game, including the ability to modify a Sim’s needs.

With this cheat enabled, you can shift-click a Sim and then select “change needs” from the menu. This will change a Sim’s needs for mood lets, food, water, sleep, and more. However, the changes made with this method will only last for as long as you keep the console open and you won’t be able to reset their needs again after a certain amount of time.


Enabling cheats in The Sims 4 can open up a world of possibilities, allowing you to customize and control your Sims’ lives in unique ways. Whether you’re looking to build the perfect home, boost your Sims’ finances, or experiment with their relationships, cheat codes provide a versatile toolset for players. Remember to use cheats responsibly and have fun exploring the endless possibilities within The Sims 4 universe.

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