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How To Enable ActiveX In Edge

How to Enable ActiveX in Edge

Disabling ActiveX and installing add-ons are ways to get rid of the warning messages. If none of these work, you may have to switch to Internet Explorer mode. In this article, you will find several ways to fix this problem in the latest version of Edge. You can also try out compatibility mode to run the browser in a compatible way. Hopefully, you will find these methods useful! You can now enable ActiveX in Edge!

You may wonder how to enable ActiveX in Internet Explorer mode on your PC. You’ve most likely noticed a warning that says “ActiveX controls required for web content” when you browse the Internet. ActiveX controls allow websites to display video and other media, without using an external media player. To enable ActiveX controls, visit the Security tab of Internet Explorer and select the Custom Level option. Then click OK to save and close the Internet Options dialog box Google.


IE mode is a great option for web developers because it provides built-in support for legacy browsers. The browser will use the integrated Chromium engine for modern sites and the Trident MSHTML engine from IE11 for legacy websites. It is possible to enable ActiveX controls on Internet Explorer mode, which is not supported by Microsoft Edge. This way, you can run web applications that require IE11 on your PC without having to change your browser. You can also configure IE mode with the Configure IE tool.

How Do I Enable ActiveX On Microsoft Edge:

To disable ActiveX in Microsoft Edge, go to the Tools button and select Manage Add Ones. From there, you can select ActiveX controls, BHOs, and plugins. Click on each control to view more details. You can disable ActiveX in the Trust Center. Then, navigate to the ActiveX settings of your browser. Depending on your system settings, you may be able to disable the entire browser, or you may just disable the ActiveX controls that are currently used by some websites.

The Manage Add-Ons feature in Internet Explorer is also a good place to find the ActiveX controls you’ve downloaded. Click on “Manage Add-ons” and you’ll see a list of all ActiveX Controls. Click on “Delete” to remove them. You may also have to delete the ActiveX control to avoid future problems. Internet Explorer is the most popular browser, and many websites are dependent on ActiveX to function properly.

How To Enable ActiveX In Windows 10:

To install an ActiveX add-on in Microsoft Edge, first go to the browser’s Extensions page. Click on the Settings and more icon in the upper-right corner of the window. From the drop-down menu, select Extensions. Select Manage extensions in the prompt that follows. Scroll down to find the ActiveX add-on you want to install. Click the Get button to start the installation process.

Microsoft has announced that it will end support for Internet Explorer in June 2022, and move users to its new browser, Edge. Although Edge does not support ActiveX controls, it will still support IE mode, which will enable users to continue using IE-based applications that use ActiveX controls. Fortunately, Microsoft Edge does support XML, JavaScript, and HTML5, and it will eventually support more languages, including ActiveX.

How To Using Compatibility Mode:

If you’re trying to use an older version of Microsoft Edge on Windows 10, there is a way to enable ActiveX in this browser without having to use the Internet Explorer plugin. You can do this by using the “Custom” security level in your browser’s options menu. Once enabled, you can use the ActiveX control in Internet Explorer websites. Once you’ve done that, you can navigate to your website as if you were using Internet Explorer.

Click Settings:

  1. Click Custom Level.
  2. In Security Settings, under ActiveX controls and plug-ins, navigate to Download signed ActiveX controls, and select Enable or Prompt.
  3. In Security Settings, under ActiveX controls and plug-ins,
  4. Navigate to Run ActiveX controls and plug-ins, and select Enable.

Depending on your needs, you might find that you need to disable some ActiveX controls in your browser. For example, you might be using the Siebel Business Applications, and need to make sure the controls are enabled for them to function properly. In this case, you can use the “Health Check” feature to make sure ActiveX controls are working properly. To disable this feature, go to the Internet Explorer Tools menu and select the “Web content zone”. In the Security Settings, click on the Security tab and then click “Download signed ActiveX controls” (if you use Microsoft Excel).

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