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How To Enable Xbox Game Bar In Windows

How to Enable Xbox Game Bar in Windows 10

Enable Xbox Game Bar In Windows is a handy tool for gamers. It allows them to take screenshots, record gameplay segments, and even stream live using a Windows 10 or Windows 11 computer.

However, some PC users cannot open this game bar application on their computer. This can be due to a number of reasons.


Game Bar is a customizable gaming overlay that gives you instant access to games, audio controls, screenshots and more without leaving the game.

One of the best features is the Audio widget, which lets you adjust all the running apps’ volume levels directly from your game. This is handy for gamers who like to listen to music while playing their favorite games.


Xbox Game Bar also provides a variety of performance information, including CPU and GPU resources used by the game. In addition, the Xbox Game Bar has a tab that lets you find other players in a game. This tab is useful when you want to meet up with a friend or get together with some other gaming buddies Google.


The Xbox Game Bar is a customizable, gaming overlay built into Windows 10. It allows users to instantly access many features without leaving their games, including screen capture and sharing, chatting with friends across the Xbox console, mobile, and PC, and boosting your game performance.

It also lets you see which apps use your RAM, GPU, and CPU resources. This information can help you decide which are necessary and which are not, so your PC runs smoothly.

In addition, Xbox Game Bar has Spotify integration, allowing you to control music playback using a widget instead of switching to the Spotify app.

However, there are some issues with the Xbox Game Bar that can negatively impact your PC’s performance. If you notice that the Game Bar is slowing down your PC or causing it to crash, here are a few ways to fix this problem.


Xbox Game Bar is a gaming overlay that’s built into Windows and has a long list of functions gamers can use without leaving the game. It allows users to capture in-game clips, live stream their gameplay, and take screenshots of the screen, among others.

However, it can be a distraction to users who don’t want it on their screen while playing games. You can disable Xbox Game Bar and uninstall it through PowerShell or a third-party uninstaller app.

While it may be tempting to keep this nifty tool on your screen, some Windows 10 users are finding that it can slow down their system. This may occur if the Game Bar is being used to capture screens or videos, which can cause it to consume more resources than it should.


If you’re a PC/Laptop gamer, the Xbox Game Bar is a great tool to have on your computer. It lets you take screenshots, capture gameplay, chat with other gamers and more all while you’re playing a game.

To enable the Xbox Game Bar, press Win + G on your keyboard or activate it using the Xbox button on a controller. It will start recording your screen automatically and save it to a Gallery.

You can also check the resource consumption of your system by clicking on the Performance widget. It shows you the overall resource usage of your PC, allowing you to quickly find and terminate any resource-hungry process Enable Xbox Game Bar In Windows.

In April’s Inside Xbox presentation, Microsoft revealed a whole host of third-party widgets for the Xbox Game Bar that will eventually be made available via an SDK. The initial partners are Razer and XSplit, with a third from Intel set to arrive soon as well.

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