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How To Enable Google Play Services

How To Enable Google Play Services 2021

If you want to know how to enable Google Play Services on Android phone, it is necessary to know what these services are and how they function. The services that Google uses to make apps run on your phone will be in the background and will consume battery life. You can disable the background tasks by going to Settings and then to Apps and notifications. These two options will enable or disable the Google Play Service. If you do not want these features to run, you need to turn them off.


To disable Google Play Services, you need to go to your Android device’s settings. You may notice that these services do not appear in the home screen or in the app drawer. If you haven’t disabled them yet, there’s no reason to worry! You can simply go to Settings > Security and Location>Lock screen & security. If you can’t find the option you’re looking for, you can always search for it. In some cases, you can also find this setting under Device Administrator.

Google Play Services Install:

The process to enable Google Play Services is straightforward. First of all, you need to make a back up of your Android phone. Next, you should select the factory reset option and go through the steps to factory reset your device. After the reboot, you’ll be asked to choose the language in which you want to use your Android device. In addition to selecting a language, you need to choose the platform that you’re using. If you don’t have a choice, you can try installing the app on a device with a custom firmware.

Another way to enable Google Play Services on Android is to factory reset your device. This will wipe all your data from your phone. To avoid losing all your valuable data, you must back up your phone before you factory reset your phone. Once you’ve done this, you can follow the instructions to install Google Play Services on your device. It will be necessary to choose the right application before starting this process. When the installation is complete, you can install any app you want from the Google Play Store.

After you’ve installed Google Play Services on your device, you can access the Google Play Store and download apps. It’s also essential to enable location settings and Google Fit account management for your Android device. This is the easiest way to do it on your smartphone. Just make sure you back up the phone before you perform the factory reset. It will erase all your data on the phone and let your Android app install the update. There are other ways to enable Google Play Services on your device.

Updating Google Play Services:

While you’re updating your Android device, you should also enable Google Play Services on your computer. The service is the core system software that keeps your apps updated and connected to Google services. While you can’t install these programs directly, you can easily enable them by installing the corresponding app from the Play Store. You should also remember to back up your Android device before performing this step. Once you’ve installed Google Pay on your phone, you’ll be able to use the services.

If you’re not able to find Google Play Services in the app drawer or on your phone, you can perform a factory reset. This will completely wipe all your data on your Android phone. It’s important to back up your Android phone before performing the factory reset. Then, head to Settings and select the “Erase all data” option. You’ll be prompted to choose your backup. After the factory reset, you’ll need to choose a restore point in time.

Set Up Google Play services:

  1. To enable Google Play Services on your Android phone, you must have a Google account.
  2. Then, you must go to Settings>General>Settings>General>General>Enable the service.
  3. This feature allows you to save and download apps on your Android phone.
  4. After installing the service, you should check the settings again to ensure that they are compatible with your Android device.
  5. By enabling this feature, you’ll have access to new features.

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