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How To Enable Call Waiting In Oppo

How to Enable Call Waiting in Oppo Smartphones

Enable Call waiting in oppo is a feature that allows you to notify the other person when their phone is on hold. It also allows you to switch to another person while you’re on a call. It works by allowing you to press a button when you’re on a call to accept or decline the other person’s call. Then, you can simply pick up the first one and end it. Then, you can pick up the second on hold. This way, both people are automatically switched to the other party.

Oppo smartphones are made to take calls. Sometimes, you may get a call while on another call. In this case, you may not want to end the current conversation. However, you might have an important call to answer. You can enable call waiting on the Oppo phone. This will allow you to answer incoming calls without having to interrupt the ongoing conversation. You can also disable call waiting by pressing the “x” icon Google.


In most cases, this feature allows you to answer new calls without ending an ongoing one. You can disable call waiting by dialing the appropriate code on the incoming phone. But, it’s important to remember that you can’t turn it off once you’re already on a call. You can’t turn it off while you’re on the other line. In addition, you should also remember that call waiting is available only on GSM phones. It is also possible to enable it on UMTS phones.

How Do I Activate Call Waiting:

You can turn off call waiting in your oppo smartphone at any time. It is only possible to disable this option when you’re ready to take a call. If you’re on a call, you can still take it without ending your current one. This feature is known as call waiting. So, if you want to avoid getting distracted by calls, you should set up a plan with this feature.

You can also enable call waiting in oppo phones using different codes. You can turn it on by dialing the corresponding code. Then, you’ll receive a notification every time a new call comes in. You can then choose to accept or reject it. This feature is very convenient and can make your calls more productive and efficient. Just make sure to keep it in your phone’s memory. You may want to activate this feature to avoid unwanted interruptions from other calls.

Where Is Call Setting In Oppo:

Another way to enable call waiting is by installing a third-party app. You can download this app from your phone’s store or download it from the Internet. To install it on your Oppo Reno 3 phone, you’ll need to install the app and the required rom. Moreover, you can also try calling the phone’s default operator and see if it supports this feature. This is a workaround for incompatible ROMs and enables call-waiting on your device.

Incompatible ROMs can be fixed by using the “Call Waiting Enabler” application. The app will enable or disable call waiting in your Oppo phone. You can also install this application if your phone does not support call-waiting. Despite the fact that this app requires a special configuration, it does not require root privileges. When you have this application installed on your phone, you should be able to make calls on it.

How Do I Activate Call Waiting On USSD:

Fortunately, there are a number of apps on the market that enable call-waiting in Oppo phones. If you are using an incompatible ROM, you should check with your carrier to see whether it supports this feature. To disable call waiting, simply go to the menu and enter “*43#” into your phone’s dial-bar.

Go To Settings:

  1. Go to [Settings] > [System Apps] > [Call] > [Carrier Call Settings] > [Additional Settings] and toggle on [Call Waiting].
  2. You will hear a beep tone that alerts you to the incoming call.

To enable call-waiting in Oppo phones, first you must enable it in the settings menu. Incompatible ROMs will not let you enable this feature. Besides, the ROM must be compatible with your phone. You can also enable it by enabling “Call Waiting Enabler”. If you’re using a non-compatible ROM, the only way to enable it is to modify the phone’s settings.

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