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How To Allow Unknown Sources

Allow unknown Sources

In allow unknown sources this blog post I want to show you how to install Android apps that can be downloaded via Google Play Store. There are also many companies that use their apps for internal purposes only. Such apps are usually not published in the Google Play Store but are only distributed internally with the help of Updraft or similar service.;


Not all apps are downloaded from the Google Play Store. There are other Android app stores, but also app distribution tools like Updraft, which allow the developer to distribute apps to testers or testers before the official release to get an early response to an improved app.

Do you want to install downloaded apps outside the Google Play Store or App Market? To protect your device, your phone comes with a security program that limits applications to install applications on your phone that are downloaded from third-party websites or applications. We would recommend that you download applications from the Google Play Store and App Market only certified. But keep reading if you still need to install an app from unknown sources.

Unknown Sources in Android:

Basically the Android OS system blocks all downloaded applications in the Google Play Store. So the first time you install an app from Updraft, the following message will appear.

No worries – it sounds a lot more serious than you really are! We usually recommend that you only install applications from people you trust. So If you know the developer from whom you got the app, everything is fine and you can continue installing. So you will need to change the settings. In the next section of the blog we show you exactly how to do this.

How to enable Unknown Sources in Android:

If you are using Android 9.0 and later, you will need to allow anonymous sources for each application that is willing to install the apk file. For example, if you use two browsers such as Chrome and Firefox, you will need to allow both Chrome and Firefox to install anonymous sources.

As a good protection measure, it is recommended that you do not trust the source where you install the applications. This limit was introduced by Google to prevent malicious software from being distributed. Since Google can only guarantee that apps from the Google Play Store are safe, you should only turn on anonymous sources:

Allow Installation from Unknown Sources:

To allow apps to be downloaded from Unknown Sources, follow the steps.

  1. Open “Settings”.
  2. Select “Menu” in the top right corner, then select “Special Access”.
  3. “Install unknown applications”.
  4. Select the application in which you are uploading the APK file. For example, if you download an APK file from Chrome to your Android device, and then try to open it, select “Chrome”. When browsing a file using a file manager such as “My Files”, select “My Files”.
  5. Toggle the “Allow on this source” option to “On”



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