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How To Write Search Description In Blogger

How to Write Search Description in Blogger

Unless you have already set up the write Search Description in Blogger, the box is not visible by default. To enable it, go to Settings > Meta Tags. Under the Advanced tab, select the “Add a search description.” The search field will be set to “No” by default. After creating a meta-information tag, add your description to your blog or website. It will appear at the bottom of the Search Results page.

Your Search Description includes the content per post or blog post. Since Blogger inserts the XML code in the header section of your template, you will not need to use conditionals to determine when a page should appear. When writing your blog or page description, make sure you write something descriptive and brief. Don’t use meta-keywords in your descriptions, as they don’t help the search reputation and may even hurt it! Google.


To write an attractive search description for your blog post, you can add it to your Blogger account. This is the best way to optimize your blog post for SEO. However, it is very important to keep in mind that a Search Description should only be a few words long and should give a brief overview of the content of your post. It is very important to not use a fake Search Description, as this will only result in a high bounce rate, negative SEO, and even possible penalization by the search engines.

How Do You Add A Description To Blogger:

Once you have created your search description, you will see a button in the header section of your template that says, “Search Description.” It will be present on every post, but you don’t need to use conditionals here. The search description is available to all users of Blogger and can be easily written, if you follow the steps below. You’ll need to write it in a simple, descriptive way. Just remember that the meta-keywords in your blog description won’t do any good, they can actually hurt your SEO.

When you have set up your blog, you need to turn on the search description option. Then, navigate to Meta tags and click on “Description.” The search description should be less than 150 characters and should include your focus keyword. If you’ve written the meta description correctly, you’ll be able to find it in the results. It’s important to write a concise description, as you don’t want your readers to miss any of the details.

How Do You Write A Search Engine Description:

You need to enable the option for writing search description in Blogger. You can do it by going to the post edit view and clicking on “Post-Settings.” Once you’ve done this, you’ll see the search description option. Enter it in the field and hit “Save”. Once you’ve done this, the search description will appear in the SERPs. In addition to Google, it will also be shown on Facebook, so make sure you have it relevant to your niche.

The search description is the first thing your visitors will see when they visit your site. It helps search engines to understand the intent of your readers and will give them a better impression of your website. Once you’ve written the description, you’ll notice that it appears under the title in Blogger menu. The description can also be added to individual posts and pages. The text must have proper references in the template code to ensure it will be indexed by Google.

How Do I Enable Search On Blogger:

You can also add a meta description to your posts in the search results of Google. To add a search description to your blog, you need to enable the Meta Tags option in your posts. Using meta tags is essential to boost your search engine optimization and increase your CTR. When you have a great meta description, you will be able to get the highest position in Google’s search results. This means that your content is more relevant to your readers.

To Do This, You Should:

  1. view your Blogger blog dashboard.
  2. Go to “posts”
  3. OR create a new post OR select a post to edit.
  4. View Post Settings on the right of the edit view. …
  5. Click ‘Search Description’ and a window box will appear.
  6. Enter a short and accurate description (meta) of the post window.
  7. Click the “Yes” button to enable search functionality
  8. Create a meta description of your blog in l50 characters or less. (Use Character Count –
  9. set to character selection if you want to test.) This is the description that will appear on
  10. your home page – see an example below.
  11. Click the ‘Save Changes’ button

In Blogger, you should make sure that your meta-tag contains keywords. If you do not, you can also make use of Meta tags. The meta-description and Metatag are using to boost SEO. To make your blog visible on the SERPs, you should include the right keywords in the title. You can create a keyword-rich description to increase the chances of your blog being indexed by Google. If you don’t have a title for your post, you should not worry because you can always add it to the end of the article.

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