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How To Turn On Dark Mode On Twitter Mobile

How to Turn on Dark Mode on Twitter Mobile

If you’re looking for a quick way to turn on dark mode on Twitter mobile, look no further. Follow the steps in this article to enable it on your device, switch between lights-out and dim themes, and more. You can also turn on dark mode in the Settings menu of your Twitter app. You can change the default theme to dark or dim, and you can also change the time it automatically opens.

If you have an iOS device and would like to use Twitter on your phone, you can enable dark mode. First, go to the settings menu on your device. Tap on the profile icon at the top left. Next, tap the display and sound settings. You can also enable dark mode based on your system theme. Follow the same instructions as before. Now, you should have a dark-mode Twitter app on your device Google.


Dark mode is best for night-time viewing, as it can reduce eye strain and improve sleep. It can also increase battery life on mobile devices. Enabling dark mode on Twitter is easy. You can either enable it automatically or manually. Alternatively, you can choose a time when it will turn on for you. Dark mode can also be set to automatically turn on in the evening and early morning, which means you will be able to read tweets in the dark, especially if you have to look at them during the day.

Enable Dark Mode On Twitter:

You can enable the dark mode on Twitter by going into system settings on your iPhone. The first time you visit Twitter, it will prompt you to enable it. Once you’ve done that, you can set Twitter to automatically go into dark mode whenever you visit the app. You can also enable the dark mode by long-pressing the light bulb icon. After selecting this option, you will see a submenu where you can toggle on or off the feature.

Did you know you can change Twitter’s theme for dark mode? Yesterday, Twitter users may have noticed an odd behavior: The site automatically switched to light mode from dark mode. This was due to a bug, and could have happened if your OS was already in light mode. Twitter is aware of this behavior, and has fixed the bug so that users can easily switch back to dark mode. In addition to changing Twitter’s theme, you can also change the color of its accents.

How To Change Twitter’s Theme:

Until today, Android users could only activate Twitter’s dark theme manually, or set it to match sunrise and sunset every day. While this may have been annoying for some, Twitter now offers automatic dark mode and true black colors, which make the app even more convenient. While this blue/gray version of Twitter is still not a great option, it’s an improvement. To turn on the new dark theme, simply tap on the light bulb icon in the Twitter app’s settings.

After you’ve logged in, go to the settings menu. Scroll down to “Display” and choose “Dark Mode.” Toggling this option on will allow you to browse Twitter in a dark theme, which saves your battery and reduces eye strain. In addition to turning on the dark mode, you can also toggle between the lights-out and dim themes. Once you’re comfortable with the settings, tap “Switch to Dark” to switch back.

How To Get Dark Mode On Twitter Android:

Twitter has a trick for you to switch between the lights out and dark theme on your mobile device. Just head to your device’s Settings and look for the “Background” option. Then tap “Dim” and “Lights Out” to choose the dark theme. The app will then automatically switch between the two modes. You can’t do this on TweetDeck, however. You can also open the settings app and change the default theme.

Fortunately, Twitter has two options to switch between light and dark themes. It can be a bit confusing if you switch between dark and light themes, but it’s a simple process once you know how. After you make the switch, you can tap the display settings again to restore the dark mode. Alternatively, you can change the accent color, and Twitter should remember your selection the next time you open the app.

Settings And Privacy:

  1. Take out the main menu.
  2. Select ‘Settings & Privacy’
  3. Tap ‘Display and sound’
  4. Select ‘Blur’ or ‘On’

Both dark and light modes have their own advantages. They reduce eye strain, extend battery life, and can even help you sleep better. Twitter has added dark mode to its mobile app, and users can now select between two settings: Lights Out and Dim. While both look similar, the dark mode looks darker. On an OLED phone, this could save battery life. When comparing light and dark themes, the former is more appealing.

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