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How to Set Pop Up Notification in WhatsApp

How to Set Pop Up Notification in Samsung Android

If you’ve been wondering set pop up notification in WhatsApp, you’ve come to the right place. This guide will show you how to do so in a few easy steps. In the first step, open the settings menu in the top-right corner of your phone and choose the Parameters option. Here, you can select the Pop-up notification option. In addition, you can control individual and group messages as well.


The next step is to set pop up notification in whatsapp. This is usually done by navigating to the WhatsApp application. You can access the options menu by selecting the three dots in the middle or by pressing the option key on your smartphone. Then, select the pop-up notifications option and turn it on or off. If you don’t want your notification to display on your screen, you can turn it off completely.

Similarly, you can also turn off the floating notification. To turn off the floating notification, simply select the switch under the Content Preview. If you’d prefer not to have it on your screen, you can choose to deactivate it. You can also choose to keep the pop-up notification unless you want it to show up while you’re using the phone.

Enable Pop Up Notification Whatsapp Android 11:

Once you’ve enabled pop-up notifications in WhatsApp, you can mute individual chats or group chats altogether. To do this, go to the settings menu in the WhatsApp application. Tap the options button or three dots on your tablet and select settings. Now, select the option to enable pop-up notifications in WhatsApp.

To disable the pop-up notifications, turn off the background data restriction. Some users have experienced issues with the notification, and this setting allows them to disable the pop-ups. By turning off the data saver, you can avoid the annoying pop-ups. If you’re not happy with the notifications, you can turn them off by choosing Settings >Apps & Notifications. A third way to fix this issue is to manually locate the problematic apps in your system and remove their cache and storage.

Enable Whatsapp Notification Pop-Up Samsung:

Changing the notification behavior in WhatsApp can be a challenging process. There are a few simple steps you can follow to enable or disable the pop-up notifications in WhatsApp. You can also toggle the setting in the Settings menu. You can also try turning off Adaptive notifications to solve the problem. This solution has solved pop-up notifications issues in WhatsApp.

Check the Do Not Disturb settings on your phone. These settings may cause your notifications to be disabled. You should disable Do Not Disturb if you are using Wi-Fi. Alternatively, switch to a cellular network and enable the Do Not Disturb feature. If both steps fail to resolve your problem, you can always go to the next step.

How To Enable Pop Up Notification In Whatsapp In Android:

iOS users can also disable pop-up notifications on their device. The app can be configured to disable the pop-up notification in iOS if it’s blocking sensitive content. But you shouldn’t disable it altogether. There are other ways to disable the pop-up notifications in WhatsApp. In addition, you can also disable this feature in Android by deleting the message. This feature can be enabled on your iPhone if you’d like to block it.

notifications by choosing different options for popup:

  1. Open individual or group chat.
  2. Tap the name of an individual or group conversation.
  3. Tap Custom Notifications> check Use custom notifications.

iOS users can turn off popup notifications by going into the Settings menu and tapping the “Show popup notifications” button. Then, you can disable the pop-up notification for contacts or groups. Depending on your preferences, you can enable or disable the notifications for individual conversations, groups, or both. If you’re looking for a way to block the pop-up notification, you can do so in the Android app.

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