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How To Make Google Dark Mode Android

How to Make Google Dark Mode Android

With Android 10 Google brought a system-wide dark mode to its platform. Most Google apps adapt to this mode automatically once set up, but some require a manual toggle. Fortunately, there are several ways to turn off or enable the dark mode in your favorite applications. The Android Authority app has a toggle for sun and moon in the top right corner of the screen. It’s worth checking out to see which apps support this feature and which ones don’t.

Although Chrome doesn’t have a native dark mode for Android, it has been testing a dark mode for web content on the Android operating system. Android users can simply enable the “Android Web Contents Dark Mode” flag in Chrome’s settings to enable dark mode. This will automatically convert web elements from light to dark if they’re viewed on the phone in the dark mode. Users should remember to use this flag before trying out the dark mode Google.


Using a browser on an Android device will automatically detect if the web content is in a dark mode. Similarly, the Chrome UI will switch color when a user taps on it. If a user does not want to switch to dark mode, they can disable it from Chrome’s flags. The only downside to using dark mode is that web content on Android can become garish if it’s not optimized for the dark theme.

How To Google Maps Has A Dark Mode:

You’ll notice the new dark theme on Google Maps on Android shortly. The new mode is intended to reduce eye strain and conserve battery power. In order to enable the dark theme, open the app and select the “Settings” option. To turn off the dark theme, turn off the “Use Dark Theme” toggle. To turn it back on, select “Same as device theme” in the settings.

You can also use Google Maps in the dark to improve night vision. The standard theme of the application is quite light and can strain your eyes. You may get tired of navigating through the app quickly, so consider switching to the dark mode. You’ll notice a difference in battery life when using the app in this mode. This feature is only available on the Android Q or 10 versions of the app. To make the dark mode appear on your device, download the corresponding Google Play Store app.

Google Assistant Follows Your System-Wide Dark Mode Preferences:

You can change the default behavior of Google Assistant to follow your system-wide dark mode preferences. You can either manually set it to do so or use a battery saver setting to automatically follow dark mode. In many Android devices, you can change the default behavior to dark mode from the Discover page on the left side of the home screen. This should be the default behavior of Google Assistant. If you prefer a light interface for the Assistant, you can also set it to follow your system-wide dark mode preferences.

Google is working on a new update for the Assistant that will include dark mode cards. You’ll find them in the bottom-bar interface. If you’re not familiar with dark mode cards, check out this post for more details. You’ll also see the dark-themed Assistant panel slide up against dark-mode apps. If you like the dark theme, you’ll love this new update. There’s no need to install anything.

How To Google Pay Has A Dark Mode:

One of the features that Android users can enjoy is the dark mode for Google Pay. The new feature is available in Android 10 Beta and Pie. The screenshot below shows the dark mode of the Google Pay app. The app looks great in the dark, and we highly recommend that you try it out. We’ve included the screenshot below for your reference.

Turn On Dark Theme:

  1. On your Android device, open Google Chrome.
  2. At the top right, tap More Settings. Themes.
  3. Select the theme you would like to use:
  4. System Defaults if you want to use Chrome in the Black Theme
  5. When Battery Mode is on or your mobile device is set to Black Theme in device settings.

The dark theme is available for Google Pay, and it works with many other apps as well. Google Pay is one of the first apps to adopt this new feature. If you’re looking to use it, make sure you download the latest version. Google Chrome and Android Authority both feature dark modes. In addition to this, the Android Authority app has a toggle for the sun and moon in the top right corner. Once you’re on Android 10, you’ll be able to see if all apps support this new feature.

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