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How To Enable YouTube Stories

How to Enable YouTube Stories For Your Videos

So you’re wondering how to enable YouTube stories for your videos. Thankfully, it’s not as hard as it sounds. While this new short video format is similar to other social media platforms, it’s still in its early days, and you can take advantage of this as a beginner. Here are some tips to get you started:

YouTube’s new short-form video format, YouTube Shorts, was launched late in 2020. These videos are similar to what is being offered on other social media platforms, such as Instagram Reels and Snapchat Spotlight. Like those platforms, YouTube Shorts are mobile video clips that can be edited on smartphones and uploaded through a standard upload workflow. Unlike Instagram, YouTube Shorts is available worldwide. It also supports most video formats Google.


The new short-form video format has several advantages. Unlike other forms of social media, short-form videos can be easily shared and consumed by an audience. They allow brands to get creative with their communications and create a sense of community. In addition to sharing content in a short, creative format, short-form video campaigns can engage consumers on a personal level. It can also be used to educate viewers.

How Do I Enable Story Tab On YouTube:

YouTube’s new short-form video format has similarities to other popular social media platforms, including Snapchat and Instagram. Both of these platforms have made a strong push to promote short-form videos. However, the format’s design and user experience are similar to those of TikTok. As more countries are added, it is likely that the format will evolve to include more tools for creators.

In the early days of online video, children’s attention spans and viewing patterns are still in their infancy. The company is now capitalizing on this by employing two seminal strategies. First, YouTube leverages infant attention spans and patterns to make its videos more appealing to young viewers. Second, YouTube uses the attention spans of children as their biggest advantage: they are more receptive to videos about animals and stories about people.

How To Add Story On YouTube From PC:

Instagram and Snapchat introduced Stories, and now the company is following suit. This feature has become so popular that even Airbnb and Netflix have launched apps for them. Now YouTube has joined the fray by introducing Reels, the company’s spin on the popular feature. Reels will no longer live at the top of the app, but will be featured in a new tab on the channel of the creator. As of this writing, only content creators with over 10,000 subscribers can use the feature.

YouTube Stories is only available for creators with a large audience, but it already offers more than a few features. First, creators can create more than one Story, unlike Instagram and Snapchat, which pull together all of their photos and videos into one. As of this writing, the service is still in its early days and there are a few limitations. However, the feature is an impressive addition to the video-sharing platform.

Create A Story:

  1. Sign in to YouTube on mobile.
  2. Tap the create icon, then Add to your story.
  3. If you do not see the News option, your device is not compatible with News yet.
  4. Tap the capture button to take a picture, or hold it to record a video.
  5. Add effects like filters, stickers, and text. …
  6. Touch Post.

The features in Reels include stickers, text, music filters, and green screen powered by video segmentation. They last for seven days and are visible to followers in Subscriptions. For non-subscribers, however, YouTube has not announced when Reels will be available publicly. But it is definitely worth checking out the beta version, and making sure your channel has 10,000 subscribers before launching the new feature. If you are already a YouTube creator, you may even want to give the new feature a try before the public release.

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