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How To Enable YouTube Red

How to Enable YouTube Red on Your Android

So, you want to enable YouTube Red for your Android device? Well, if you’re a subscriber, you can do it! It’s pretty simple – all you have to do is install an Xposed module and reboot your device. You can even enjoy background playback, Ad-free content, and offline viewing! This article will show you how to do it! Here are the steps to follow:

The Xposed Framework allows you to install modules that alter system files and apps to allow you to watch YouTube without ads. These modules aren’t available on the Play store, but can be found in a separate repository called the Xposed Repository. The following instructions will walk you through the installation process. To enable YouTube Red, download and install the Xposed module on your Android phone. After installing the module, reboot your device. It should now show YouTube videos in the background Google.


To enable YouTube Red, you must have a rooted phone and the Xposed Framework installed. This allows you to make changes at the system level, which means you can customize your phone to suit your needs. Next, open YouTube, and it will start playing in the background. Once it is running, the video will keep playing in the background, and the audio will continue even when the phone is locked. It is best to use the latest version of the Xposed Framework and YouTube Red to get the best results.

How To Use YouTube Music For Videos:

The YouTube Red app lets users download videos for offline viewing. It will save the videos for up to 29 days and will allow users to watch them even when they don’t have an active internet connection. To download a video, simply click the Download button on its page. Once downloaded, you can play it offline when you have internet connectivity. The video will be available for 48 hours until you reconnect to your Wi-Fi or mobile network. Then, you can watch it later.

Before you can enjoy YouTube Red offline viewing, you must be signed in to your account. You will need to reconnect to your device every 48 hours to continue playing your videos. YouTube will keep checking for changes to your videos, and if the video is not available, it will automatically be removed from your device during the next sync. Additionally, certain actions are not possible without a network connection. To enjoy the benefits of YouTube Red offline, you must subscribe to the app and purchase the feature.

How To YouTube Progress Bar Not Working 2021:

If you’re on a budget and want to listen to your favorite music while you work, YouTube Music is now supporting background playback for free in Canada. Previously, this feature was available only to YouTube Premium subscribers. Free users were unable to change apps while the music player was playing, but now they can. Background playback works in the same way as any other app. You just need to enable the feature from the settings menu.

The YouTube Music app also offers background playback, but free accounts can only listen to shuffled personalized playlists and ad-interrupted radio stations. The paid version supports offline listening, including background playback, and is available for download. Background playback is rolling out to users in Canada starting on November 3; YouTube hasn’t provided any hints on when it will be available anywhere else. But it is worth noting that free accounts can still enjoy the premium features.

How To Use yet Music In Pakistan:

Currently, YouTube Red costs $9.99 per month and provides ad-free access to videos. It also lets subscribers download videos for offline viewing. In addition, subscribers can also watch videos without ads in the YouTube Kids app. However, the ad-free experience may not be for everyone. Not all YouTube users are interested in this option, and some may feel that it is only geared towards big-name YouTube creators.

Video Progress Bar Settings:

  1. Learn to Prepare and install the latest version of YouTube.
  2. Install BusyBox open the BusyBox app and install it anywhere.
  3. Download and install Lucky Patcher latest version of apk.
  4. Open Lucky Patcher and give super-SU permission.
  5. Find the YouTube app on Lucky Patcher and click on “Patches Menu”.
  6. Click the Custom Clip.
  7. Insert clip.
  8. Wait for the clip to finish playing some music on youtube, and enjoy the music, video, playlists, podcast in the background when you lock the screen or chat with your friends, and you can next, the original music from the status bar.

The ad-free YouTube experience has many benefits. For one, you can stream unlimited videos and music without ads. YouTube Red also comes with Google Play Music. You can store up to 50,000 songs offline and access a catalog of over 35 million tracks. This ad-free experience was particularly appealing for those who listen to music on their mobile devices. Moreover, YouTube Red users have access to exclusive video content and offline recordings.

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