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How To Enable YouTube Polling

How to Enable and Remove YouTube Polling

If you have over 1,000 subscribers, you can enable YouTube polling. This feature is only available to users who have at least 1,000 subscribers, and requires that you login to use it. Once you’ve enabled polling, you can post up to five poll choices in your video. Once your video is live, you can view the voting results in real time through YouTube Analytics. If you don’t want to use polling, you can remove it at any time.

To create a enable youtube polling video, go to the tile menu of the video, then select “Add a poll.” Next, click the card tab in the editor’s upper-right corner. Click the Edit button to add an optional poll. Once you’ve added the poll, edit its question. You’ll have five choices. Click one of them to set the poll time and place. Your video will be ready to upload after the poll time has elapsed Google.


You can create a poll on YouTube using the Poll feature, which allows you to select the time zone and date of the poll. This will allow you to better tailor your video to your subscribers’ preferences. You can also use polls to boost the number of views and subscribers. Once your video has gained enough attention, you can add more polls and monetize it faster. You can add text posts in addition to polls. But you must be aware that polls on Youtube cannot contain more than 16MB images, GIFs, or WEBP files.

How To Post A Poll In Your Community Post:

YouTube allows you to add a poll to a video or community post. In the YouTube Creator Studio, you can create a poll and schedule it for later. You can select up to five options to include in your poll. Then, click the “+Add another option” button and choose the desired time to publish the poll. Once published, the poll will remain online indefinitely. If you want to delete it, you need to edit your community post and remove the poll.

To delete a poll, go to the poll’s location and tap the Trash icon or click ‘Delete’. Once you’ve selected the options, select them in the Text Editor and click Save. In the Community Tab, click “Add poll” in the text box. You can also add more poll options. Once the poll has been published, you can edit it. You can also edit the poll options and add new ones.

How To Make A Poll On YouTube Mobile 2022:

YouTube Analytics has an option for poll creators to view real-time voting results. When you create a poll, viewers will see the results of all votes in the poll card. However, unlike standard performance metrics, these results will display with a slight delay. You can check these results by selecting the Polls menu option on the left-hand side of YouTube Analytics. By doing so, you can easily see which videos are getting more votes.

YouTube Analytics also lets you use this feature to create polls. The YouTube Studio app is available for Android and iPhone. The app has the same functionality as the desktop version of YouTube Analytics, including polling capabilities. The app lets you create a poll, schedule posts, add images and videos, and manage your videos. This feature helps you determine how your viewers rate different topics. By analyzing the number of people voting on your videos, you can determine whether your video is gaining or losing viewers.

How To Create Poll In YouTube Live Stream:

In case you want to remove a YouTube poll, follow these steps. First, visit the account page of your YouTube channel. Click on the profile icon. Next, select the tool called YouTube Studio. In this tool, you can add polls and other elements to your videos. In addition, you can move poll markers around the video or remove them altogether. Once you have completed all the steps necessary to remove the poll, you can now go back to the community page and add another poll.

How To Create A YouTube Poll:

  1. Sign in to YouTube Studio. Go to YouTube Studio and log in to your YouTube account. …
  2. Select the type of update you would like to make.
  3. Click on Poll options under the “what’s on your mind” box.
  4. Create your own YouTube survey. …
  5. Submit your YouTube survey.

To delete an embedded poll, navigate to the Polls page. Click on a poll to see its properties. Click the trash can icon to remove the poll question. The polling question will no longer be visible in the playback timeline. You can repeat these steps as needed. You can also delete embedded polling questions from the media. However, deleting them will not affect the poll used to create the video. You can still use the poll if you want to delete it later.

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