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How to Enable System UI tuner Android 6

Enable System UI Tuner on Your Android 6

To enable System UI tuner on your Android 6 phone, open the settings menu by long pressing the Settings gear icon. You will need to hold this icon for several seconds in order to make it appear. After a while, you will be able to see a new tab, which is the System UI tuner. You can also disable it by tapping on the Remove from Settings button on the top right of the overflow menu.


To enable System UI tuner, open Settings and choose “System UI”. On the right-hand side, you will see a new menu called “System UI tuner.” From here, you can tweak the settings for quick settings and the status bar. It is also useful to customize quick settings like battery percentage and alarms. While some vendors have taken this feature out of the next release of Android, you can still enjoy it for now.

To enable System UI tuner on Android 6, access Quick Settings by using two fingers or one finger. After that, tap the Gear icon and wait for it to rotate. Then, tap the Settings screen and scroll to the bottom. Once there, you should see a toast that says, “System UI tuner added to Settings.” Then, tap on the System UI tuner icon.

Enable Settings Menu And Go To Developer Options:

After enabling System UI tuner, go to the Settings menu and go to Developer options. From here, you can choose what type of customization you want to make. By default, you’ll find a few options here. You can change the font size, background color, and other things, while letting your phone know what you’re doing. If you’re having trouble unlocking System UI tuner on your Android 6 phone, you can also use a shortcut that will enable the option.

To enable System UI tuner on your Android phone, go to the Settings app and tap on the “System UI Tuner” icon. It will then show you the seconds and minutes of the day. Once you have the option enabled, tap on the system settings icon to close it. This will hide all other system settings icons. You can now see the time and date on your phone by tapping on the System UI tuner icon.

Enable Elected The System UI Tuner On Your Device:

After you have selected the System UI tuner on your device, you can customize the look of your phone. It is a very useful feature to switch between the different modes of your device. You can adjust brightness and color of your device, depending on your location and what time of the day. This feature allows you to make your phone look and feel as you prefer. If you don’t like the current theme, you can turn it off in System UI tuner.

The System UI tuner is a hidden setting menu in the Settings menu on your Android phone. It lets you change the look of your system by allowing or disabling certain functions. This way, you can change your battery icon and split screen gesture. The system UI tuner also allows you to change the color of your battery. Then, you can use the settings to make your phone more colorful.

Enable System UI Tuner On Your Android Phone:

You can enable System UI tuner on your Android phone by enabling the developer options on your device. The first step is to enable developer options. Once you’ve done this, swipe down twice and hold the Settings icon for 5 seconds. Then, you should see the System UI tuner. Then, you can customize the colors of your notifications by enabling the UI tuner.

System UI Tuner in Android 6:

  1. Swipe down on the top of your home screen with the help of one or two fingers.
  2. Tap and hold the Gear icon in the upper right corner until the gear icon starts rotating. When you rotate the gear icon, point your finger at your phone. Now, you will go directly to the “Settings” window and find the message provided on your phone screen.
  3. You can also swipe the home screen from the top and check the gear icon for change. Now scroll down to the “Settings” page and you will find the “Tuning UI system” feature found in the “Program” section. When you tap this feature you will find a notification message box just click on the “I LOVE YOU” option.

Once you’ve enabled developer options on your phone, you can open the Settings menu and search for System UI tuner. After enabling the developer options, swipe down twice on the screen and press and hold the Settings icon for 5 seconds. Then, select the System UI tuner option to customize the look of your device. You can now choose how you want your display to look. If you don’t like the stock look, you can use the system UI tuneer on your Android phone to make it look better.

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