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How To Enable Startup Discord

How to Disable Discord’s Startup Feature

If you’re having trouble using the enable startup discord app on your computer, you may want to disable its startup feature. To disable the Discord app from starting on Windows, right-click the application and choose the options option. Disable the startup option on Mac, open the system preferences menu by clicking the Apple icon and selecting Users and Groups. To disable the startup Discord app on Windows, click the “Disable” option from the menu.

To stop Discord from starting up at boot time, open the Windows application, then click the “User Settings” icon in the bottom-left corner of the window. Click the “Startup Behavior” tab, and toggle the “Open Discord” option. Alternatively, you can open Task Manager to stop the program from auto-starting after boot. Then, click on “Stop Discord” in the Task Manager to stop the program from starting automatically at boot Google.


Before you start the enable startup discord application, make sure you’ve disabled the program’s auto-startup. This setting is only available on Windows, so you’ll need to make changes to your operating system’s settings. Once you’ve disabled the auto-startup option, click on the “Task Manager” icon in the system tray. This will open the task manager. Once the program is no longer starting at boot, restart it, and you’ll be able to start Discord with the right settings.

How To Enable Discord’s Auto-Startup:

You can disable the auto-startup of Discord from the Settings tab. This can be found in the System Preferences app. In the Login Items tab, click “Auto-startup” and uncheck “Open Discord when I log in.”

To fix this problem, you must first run Discord as administrator. To do this, open the Task Manager and navigate to the Startup tab. On the Compatibility tab, locate the entry Discord and right-click it. Then, uncheck Run as administrator and click Apply. Now, the Discord application will run normally. If you notice that it still doesn’t launch properly, the problem is most likely caused by the Windows registry.

Why Is Discord Not On Startup:

First, disable the Open enable startup discord setting in the Discord application’s user preferences. Next, open the Task Manager and disable the startup apps. Once you’ve disabled startup apps, restart the computer. Discord won’t launch automatically anymore unless you specifically enable it to start with your computer. If you’re using Discord on a Windows computer, disable startup by running it in the background instead of on startup.

If the issue persists, try running SFC or DISM to check the files in the system. These utilities can fix system files and prevent third-party apps from interfering with Discord. If you can’t get Discord to open at startup, you can run it as an administrator to prevent the app from being opened at startup. Still experiencing problems, try running a clean boot again and see if Discord starts up normally. If it does, try the next method and let us know how you fix it.

How To Run As Administrator On Discord:

Running as administrator on Discord gives you administrative privileges, such as creating and moderating channels and discussions. You must be a Discord server owner to run as administrator. This permission allows you to change a variety of settings on your server, including the name of your channel and who can join it. In this article, we’ll go over the most important reasons to run as administrator on Discord. You’ll also find out how to revoke administrator privileges and how to remove bot access.

You can set up your Discord server to make a user an administrator by following these steps: navigate to your server and choose ‘Server settings’. In the next screen, select ‘Roles’. Click the “Plus (+)” icon next to Roles. Type in the name of the role you’d like to become an administrator and save. Your role will now be visible to other users. When you’re done, click the “Save” button to make it permanent.

Settings On Discord App:

  1. Open Settings in the Discord app.
  2. Download and open the Discord app on your computer. …
  3. Scroll to Windows settings.
  4. Select the Windows Settings option in the Settings application.
  5. Click the Open Discord button. …
  6. Close and restart Discord.

Once you have done this, you can close Discord by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc. Then, open the Task Manager. Click on ‘End Task’ to exit the Discord process. You can also open the Run dialog box by pressing the Windows key + R. Now, navigate to your App Data folder. The Discord folder is in the App Data folder or %LOCALAPPDATA. Now, right-click on the Discord folder and select “Delete”. If you see any messages or files in your folder, make sure they are deleted.

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