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How To Enable Speech Text In WhatsApp

How to Enable Speech to Text in WhatsApp

If you have a mobile phone, you can enable speech to text in WhatsApp. The process is very simple and allows you to send long messages. All you need to do is speak into your phone’s microphone and the app will convert your voice into text. You can then copy and paste the voice text to send it to whoever you want. Depending on your device, this can be helpful in a variety of situations.


The first step is to enable speech to text in WhatsApp. You can do this by downloading the Audio to Text for Whatsapp app from iTunes. Once installed, you can start talking into your phone and speaking as you would normally. You can use this feature to dictate messages and send them to others. Simply speak into the microphone, and the app will convert the message into text. It will then show the message as text on your phone.

Once you’ve enabled speech to text in WhatsApp, the next step is to find an app that will convert your spoken messages into text. You can find several apps that will perform this task, but the most popular one is Audio to Text for Whatsapp. It will be available in the App Store in a few weeks. Once you have the app installed, you can use it for free. The app will be available in the Apple App Store.

How To Type Voice Message In Whatsapp:

Once you’ve installed the app, you can then start dictating your messages into text. Then, the software will convert your voice into text. Once your voice is recognized, the text will appear on your phone. Then, you can read your messages. With this feature, you can send a voice message to anyone with a WhatsApp account. This will be especially helpful for those who can’t write or read.

Once you’ve installed the app, you can start dictating your messages. After this, open the app and tap the microphone icon located at the bottom of the screen. Now, you can send and receive your messages as you dictate. This feature is available on Android and iOS. After you’ve completed these steps, you can start dictating your messages to text. The feature will automatically convert text to speech in WhatsApp.

How To Enable Whatsapp Typing Setting:

You can also choose to transcribe your messages as text. You can also transcribe the text into speech to text in WhatsApp. It’s easy to enable speech totext in WhatsApp. Firstly, open the app. Then, tap the voice icon on the bottom of the screen. Then, you can dictate your message. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to listen to the message and select the text.

The next step is to enable speech to text in WhatsApp. To do this, you should open WhatsApp and click on the voice icon. Once this is done, you can select the text you wish to have converted. Then, you can share the text with your contacts. Then, the app will transcribe your voice message as a text. This is an ideal feature for the people who use Whatsapp on their mobile phones.

How To Enable Whatsapp Voice To Text Android:

To use WhatsApp‘s speech to text feature, you must first download the latest version of the application. In WhatsApp, tap the microphone icon at the top or bottom right. This will allow you to dictate your message. As you speak, you will be able to hear your voice clearly. Afterwards, you can use the microphone to correct any mistakes you may have made. Similarly, you can choose to make your voice heard by using your keyboard.

How To Use The WhatsApp:

  1. Open the chat window of the person you want to send the message to.
  2. On your virtual keyboard, you will see a microphone icon.
  3. Once you tap the microphone icon, we will start recording whatever you say.
  4. The listed message will appear on your keyboard.
  5. You can edit the same before sending the last one

Once you’ve downloaded the latest version of WhatsApp, you can start using it. To enable speech to text, you need to open the chat and tap the microphone icon. Once you have clicked the mic icon, you can dictate your message. Once you’ve finished talking, the microphone will stop recording after a few seconds. You can then finish typing your message as normal. A few seconds later, you can send it as usual.

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