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How to Enable Skype in Outlook

Enable Skype in Outlook 365

If you’ve recently updated enable skype in outlook, you’ve probably noticed that you can’t see the Skype for Business icon. To get the Skype Meeting add-in back, first close Outlook and then reopen it. Check the Calendar for Skype Meeting option and enable it if you’re unable to see it. If you can’t find it, try disabling it and then enabling it again. Once it works, you should be able to use Skype in your Outlook.


You’ll find that the Skype Meeting Add-in can’t be found in your Outlook ribbon. To get it back, you’ll need to configure the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE hive in the registry. If you’re not sure how to do this, contact support. You may not have the option to disable it or uninstall it, so you’ll want to reinstall it.

Depending on your operating system, you can find the Skype Meeting Add-in in your Office folder. It’s located in the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE hive. Double-click, it, and then choose Manage COM Add-ins. Click the button next to it and select the Office Account. After that, click OK to close the window and open Outlook again. After that, click on the Manage COM Add-ins tab.

Skype Outlook Meeting Add-In For 365 Microsoft Outlook:

You should now be able to see the Skype Meeting Add-in in Microsoft Outlook. If the control doesn’t show up on your meeting request ribbon, open the Control Panel and select it. Make sure you choose the option to Always enable the Skype Meeting Add-in. Then, you can go back to the Manage COM Add-Ins window and select the Office Account that you wish to connect to. You should now be able to use Skype from Outlook.

If you are still having problems connecting to Skype, restart the computer and the Skype Meeting add-in should be enabled. You can also try clicking on the “New Skype Meeting” button on the Control Panel. This will allow you to make calls with the people you want to meet. However, some users have reported that the button has disappeared altogether, making it impossible to convert meetings into Skype. If it still does not work, you can try the following steps.

How To Enable Skype Meeting In Outlook Your Colleagues:

Once you have enabled Skype, you can now join your meetings with your colleagues. This step will make you more accessible to your colleagues and clients. The Skype add-in will automatically be available on the Meeting page for your emails and will help you connect with your colleagues.

The next step is to enable Skype Meeting in Outlook. This will allow you to join a Skype meeting with your colleagues. After enabling Skype Meeting, you should test the functionality of the add-in. It should function properly in Outlook. If the problem persists, the add-in is disabled. You can then restart your PC and restart it. It should now work perfectly. Then, you can start a Skype call.

Skype Meeting Add-In For Outlook 365 Keeps Disabling:

Once you’ve enabled Skype Meeting in Outlook, you can then add the application to your Outlook. The next step is to choose the Load Behavior of the add-in. The default value is set to 2. Changing this value to 3 will allow the Skype meeting to function properly.

To Do This, Follow These Steps:

  1. Start Outlook.
  2. In the File menu, select Options.
  3. In the navigation window, select Add.
  4. The Manage menu, select COM Add-Ins, then select Go.
  5. In the COM Add-Ins dialog box, select the Skype Session Addition for Microsoft Office 2022 option, and then select OK.

After you’ve installed Skype, you can then enable the add-in on your computer. To enable Skype, you need to open the Skype Meeting Add-in in Outlook. To do this, go to the “Add-in” tab in the Ribbon bar, and choose the Skype meeting. From here, you’ll be able to schedule online meetings. In the next step, you’ll need to select the Microsoft Conferencing add-in for Outlook.

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