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How To Enable PHP Short Tags

How To Enable PHP Short Tags

If you are using PHP code to build a website, you may be wondering how to enable PHP short tags. This article will show you how to do it. First, you need to add the PHP style tag to your HTML file. To do so, navigate to the top-level configuration of your server, and then navigate to the the_in the configuration file. Here, you need to change the php_value short_open_tag setting to On.


In the PHP selector/extensions page, select “Enable short open tags”. This will open the PHP selector/extensions page. Click on the “switch to PHP options” option. Then, you’re ready to enable PHP directives. After you’ve enabled the new features, you should disable the older ones. You can also disable the short open tags in your Apache. access file. However, be aware that this will break your scripts if you use them Google.

I have a specific web page that uses short PHP tags. Post-deployment from my old hosting company to a dedicated VPS, this has stopped working.

How To Enable PHP Short Tags In Xampp:

Knowing less about Linux, and less about PHP, I asked a question in the Experts Exchange about why it no longer works. I wasted no time, as someone who knew what they were doing said, “Your code uses ‘short tags’, but you do not have short tags enabled”

Open PHP short tags are a retractable feature of PHP and it has been recommended for a few years not to use the short “cut cut” tag and instead use the complete combination of <? Php and?> Tags. But because this shortcut has been a feature for so long, it is still supported by a relatable correlation HTML.

Enable Short Tags PHP Access:

You may have just upgraded PHP or moved your web application to a different server and had a dangerous PHP error like the one below:

To disable PHP open tags, open the PHP selector/extensions page and type “php”. In the next step, click the “switch to PHP options” link. After you have chosen your PHP version, click the “switch to PHP” option and follow the steps in the wizard to disable the short open tags. You can then delete the short open tags from your site.

How To Enable Short Tags In PHP:

  1. Connect to server via SSH, (or open terminal session).
  2. The file you need to edit is called php.ini.
  3. This server is using CentOS, so you should find that file in the / etc / folder.
  4. By default the desired query is 229 (press CTRL + C to display location). Get short_open_tag = Offline.
  5. Change the entry to ‘On’, then save changes (CTRL + X and ‘Y’ to save).
  6. Restart the web server.

Before you start enabling PHP short tags, you should disable the older short open tags. Check to see if your website is using any code that uses the short open tags. If the latter is the case, Conetix recommends replacing them with newer versions. You may also want to disable the old PHP open tags if you are using them for security reasons.

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