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How To Enable Mobile Viewing On YouTube

How to Enable Mobile Viewing on Your Android Device

Having trouble with enable mobile viewing on YouTube on your Android smartphone? It’s time to learn how to enable mobile viewing on your Android device. Here are three helpful tips:

Using enable mobile viewing on YouTube on a mobile device is no different than watching it on a desktop computer. But the process for turning on YouTube’s dark theme varies from phone to phone. The process is similar to turning on dark mode on your desktop computer, except that you have to enable it individually for each browser. YouTube’s dark mode helps reduce the brightness of the video screen while saving battery life, as well Google.


YouTube’s dark theme is particularly helpful when viewing the site in low-light conditions. The darker colors reduce strain on the eyes. You can also turn on YouTube’s dark theme on Chrome or other apps if you have this feature on your phone. But be aware that it might not be available on older mobile operating systems. Fortunately, YouTube has made the transition to dark mode as easy as possible. So let’s take a look at how to enable YouTube’s dark mode for mobile viewing.

How To Setting Up A Bedtime Reminder:

A YouTube bedtime reminder allows users to set a specific time to stop watching videos. The reminder will either interrupt playback or wait until the end of the video. It works on mobile devices only and is set to “On” for children ages 13 to 17, and to “Off” for people ages 18 and older. Users can change these settings to suit their preferences. To set a timer that works for them, use the settings menu in the YouTube app.

To set a bedtime reminder on YouTube for mobile viewing, navigate to the settings menu in the YouTube app. Select General and then tap on ‘Remind me when it’s time to go to sleep’. Select the start and end time that you want the reminder to go off at. If you’d prefer, you can set a bedtime reminder from your profile picture or the ‘Time Watched’ section.

Turning Off YouTube’s Restricted Mode:

There are many ways to turn off YouTube’s Restricted Mode for your mobile device. While it’s recommended to stay logged in while using mobile devices, there are ways to remove the restriction and view content from other regions. On Windows machines, simply click on “Quit” when you’re done viewing. On Apple devices, open the Settings app and select “Close.” Alternatively, you can also download parental control software and enable restricted mode on your phone or computer.

To turn off YouTube’s Restricted Mode on your mobile device, you’ll first need to log into your YouTube account. Next, select “Settings” from the three lines in the top left corner of the main screen. In the “Restricted Mode” section, click “General,” then “Restricted Mode.” Under “Enable restricted mode,” uncheck the box next to “Enable restricted mode.” Then, click “Apply” to save your settings.

Adding Videos To The TV Queue Without Interrupting Playback:

The TV Queue function on YouTube is easy to find in a minimized window at the bottom of the page. Simply swipe up the window and tap More next to the video you’d like to add. YouTube automatically adds more videos to your queue when your current one is full. You can turn off the TV Queue if you’d prefer not to watch videos in the queue.

Use YouTube On Mobile:

  1. In the upper right corner of the screen, press the profile picture.
  2. Tap Sign In.
  3. Sign in with your Google Account.

The “Add videos to the TV queue” feature is a recent addition to YouTube’s web-based version. By default, you’ll need to be logged in to your account to use the feature. But if you’d rather not log in to your account, you can also use the video recording function. You can add any video to the queue by clicking its thumbnail. You can even add videos to the queue while watching television.

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