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How To Enable Main Menu Items Description

How to Enable Main Menu Items Description

One of the easiest ways to increase the visibility of your enable main menu items descriptionĀ for them. Most people use menus to navigate through a website, but a menu with an item description can make it more clear to visitors. There are two methods to do this: the plugin method and the coding method. Let’s examine both methods to learn how to add descriptions to your main navigation. If you’d like to add a description for every item in your menu, please follow the following steps.

First, enable “Aliases” for your menus. If you don’t use this feature, it will disable the ability to edit the description. When you do this, the text will appear as plain text. The default check mark is an image of a person. To change it, you must add the ad tag to the link. If you don’t want it, you must create a bitmap with the correct dimensions and size Google.


Adding a menu item description in WordPress is a basic feature, but it can be tricky to enable. By default, the option is turned off. You can achieve this with a plugin or by writing a few lines of code. The latter method will require more work but save you from having to install another plugin. In any case, you must use a standard color bitmap, which is not recommended for mobile devices.

How Do I Show Menu Description In WordPress:

You can also add an ad to your main menu items. You can add this with the help of a plugin. To enable the description, go to the admin panel and select Menus. You can then edit the title and descriptions for the menu items. You can also set the fonts for your main menu. When the text is in the menu, it will be inverted. It’s important to remember that your main menu items should have a font, which means that they should have a size that matches the size of your main navigation.

In order to enable a menu item’s description, you need to create it in your theme’s CSS file WordPress . You can create an ad-hoc menu using a custom text editor. Then, the text must be in a fixed color. If you choose to use a different font, use a different scalability factor. Aside from the font size, you should also choose the font for the menu.

How Do I Enable Menus In WordPress:

The CSS for your menu items must be set appropriately. In order to add a menu item’s description, use the ‘display’ command. In addition to the title, the code must also contain the name of the menu item. The text should be in bold or it should be underlined. If you want to add a description, you should also add a second line of CSS above and below the menu.

The last part of the CSS for your menu is the code for the ‘text’ element. Typically, this is the name of the menu item WordPress . Usually, this is a link to a web page. The content of the menu item is a string containing a hyperlink that will take the user to the relevant page. Creating an ad-free menu will allow your users to navigate your site without ever leaving your theme.

How Do I Add A Menu Item:

The first step is to add a description to your menu items. Availably, this isn’t as difficult as you might think. Unlike other types of content, the text in your menu will be visible and readable. The description will be the text you see when someone clicks on an item.

Enabling Main Menu Description:

  1. First, go to the Management panel (Dashboard). …
  2. On the Customization page go to the Title menu, and select the Main Menu section.
  3. Here you need to find the option to enable meaning. …
  4. When everything is ready, click the Save and Publish button.

The last step is to add the description to your menu items. You can do this by adding the code for each item. Ensure that each item has a title and a description. It should also contain an icon for the selected state of the menu item. In this case, you should use the ‘hidden’ option for the menu.

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