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How To Enable Google Assistant On Samsung

How to Enable Google Assistant on Samsung Galaxy S6

You may wonder how to enable Google Assistant on Samsung Galaxy S6. You can disable it or retrain it to recognize your voice if you are privacy conscious. Here are some ways to do that. First, hold the Home button on your phone and then tap on the box-shaped icon in the bottom left corner. Tap the slider switch next to Google Assistant. After that, you should see it appear, but not uninvited.

If you’re privacy-conscious, you might want to disable Google Assistant on your Samsung device. This feature is very helpful when searching for information, but it can be intrusive when it keeps popping up and disrupting your entertainment and work. Thankfully, there are a few steps you can take to disable this feature. To get started, hold down the Home button and tap the box-shaped icon in the bottom left corner. Next, tap the slider switch next to the Google Assistant. Once the feature is disabled, Google will no longer listen for your voice Google.


It’s important to note that Google keeps a log of every command you give it, including voice commands, and stores it centrally. It also records audio data without any input from the user, so disabling this feature can limit the data it stores. If you’re especially concerned about privacy, you can use a VPN to block Google’s access to your voice and other data. Kaspersky Safe Kids is another option to block Google from listening to your voice.

How To Activate Google Assistant:

If you’re privacy-conscious on your Samsung Galaxy Note 8, you can disable Google Assistant. It’s possible that you’ve accidentally activated it through the dedicated button or gesture activation. If this happens, you can remap the dedicated button or disable gesture activation altogether. Otherwise, you’ll need to turn off the “Hey Google” button to prevent accidental launches of Google Assistant.

If you’re having trouble getting your Google Assistant to recognize your voice on your Samsung Galaxy S6 or S7, you might need to retrain your voice model. This process can be done by going into Settings -> General -> Voice. Once the voice model is corrupted, you need to retrain it again. You should repeat phrases such as “OK Google” or “Hey Google” several times to retrain it.

How To Hey Google Open Assistant Settings:

First, open your Google Account and sign in to your Google Assistant account. Once you sign in, click on Voice Match. On this screen, you’ll find a list of devices connected to Wi-Fi. It will display your smart speakers, including Google Home or Nest, but will ask you whether you want to enable voice recognition on these devices. If you agree, tap “Allow” and follow the prompts.

Next, clear the cache on your device. Make sure the microphone is free of debris. If it’s not, try removing debris with a safety pin. Next, turn off your other voice assistants, such as Bixby and S Voice. Then, enable Google Assistant again. Once you’ve done this, you’ll be able to use Google Assistant on your Samsung Galaxy S6.

Talk To Google Assistant When Your Device Is Locked:

When your device is locked, you can still use Google Assistant to get the answers you need. However, some features are protected by the lock screen, such as personal results. This prevents others from accessing your data. If you don’t care about privacy, you can enable this feature and use Google Assistant to your advantage. This way, you don’t have to unlock your device just to hear what Google Assistant has to say.

This feature works on most Android devices. You can use it without unlocking your device, even if it’s in your pocket. You can ask it to play music, set reminders, or control your smart lights. All you need to do is update a few settings. It won’t be fully functional until you enable this feature. Until then, you can still use Google Assistant to control your phone.

Open The Settings App:

  1. On your Android phone or tablet, go to Assistant Settings,
  2. Open the Google Assistant app. and say, “Assistant settings.”
  3. Under “Popular Settings,” tap Voice Match.
  4. Open Hey Google. If you do not find Hey Google,
  5. Open Google Assistant.

In addition to unlocking your device, you can also ask it to take a selfie for you. If your device is locked, you can ask Google Assistant to open the camera and start the countdown to three. The camera will then open and start the 3 2 1 countdown. You can also use Google Assistant to ask for directions. Simply say ‘Hey Google’ to activate this feature. If you haven’t already set up ‘Continued Conversation’ on your device, you can enable this feature in the Google Assistant settings.

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