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How To Enable Facebook Video Icon

Enable Facebook Video Icon Missing on Android

If you want to access Facebook videos on your Android device, you can disable the Watch icon and enable the Facebook video icon instead. However, if the video icon is still missing, you can fix this problem by enabling the Watch icon and then reinstalling the app. To enable the Facebook video option, you must be logged in to your account. To do this, go to Settings > General. Then, go to the Shortcuts > Videos.


Now, you need to locate your Facebook application and click on Settings. Then, tap on Storage. Tap on the Clear Cache and Data option to erase all your Facebook data. When you are finished, sign in again using your username and password. Now, you should see the Facebook video icon in the shortcut bar. You can also check your phone’s settings to see if the Watch Video icon is still missing. You can also try the new settings.

Some users experience problems with the Watch Video tab because their device is not up-to-date. Then, they may not have updated their software properly. In such a case, the best solution is to enable the Watch Video icon and then enable the feature. The YouTube video icon may not appear in the shortcut bar if you haven’t updated your Facebook software. The latest version of the Facebook application requires you to enable the option manually.

Enable Facebook Video Tab Missing 2022:

If this doesn’t work, you should first check your internet connection. I have an active internet connection, make sure that the WiFi is working and the speed of the network is fast enough. If you have a poor internet connection, you can install a new version of your browser. This should fix the problem. If it still doesn’t work, switch to a different browser. This will also solve the problem.

To enable Facebook video icon on Android, first check the compatibility of your device. If your device has an outdated application, it may not support the latest features of the social network. Then, update your application. This will ensure that your device is compatible with the latest version of Facebook. You should also delete any Facebook data that is on your computer. This way, you can watch videos on your Android device. It’s easy and free!

How Do I Get The video Icon Back On Facebook:

The Facebook video icon is not available by default on Android devices. You need to disable the profile toggle to enable the watch icon. Then, you can start the Facebook application again. This will enable the watch icon. Once you’ve enabled the video, it will be visible on your Android device. You can watch it on the TV! If you want to view videos on your PC, you should also enable the Watch tab on your Android phone.


Facebook has many videos available on its platform. By enabling the watch icon, you can watch them on your Android device without interruption. You can also use the Watch tab to watch videos on Facebook. The watch icon is an easy way to access your favorite videos on your Android phone. The app can be used on computers, iPhones, and tablets. In addition to these, the watch icon will also appear on your computer screen. It will appear on your tablet and mobile phone.

Enable Facebook Watch Tab Missing Android:

If you’re using an older version of Facebook, you can try enabling the video icon manually. This will allow you to see your videos while browsing on your phone. In addition to the clock icon, the video icon will be visible in the shortcut bar as well. This will enable you to watch videos while you’re on your mobile device. This way, you won’t have to worry about the camera freezing. After you enable the video, you’ll be able to see your friends in real-time.

The last way to enable Facebook video is to install the latest version of the app on your Android smartphone. It will allow you to access Facebook videos without any interruptions and will give you the ability to watch them on your Android device. This is also known as the “video home” icon. But if you’re having trouble with this, you can disable hardware acceleration by using the Chrome’s settings. In the meantime, the Facebook video icon will appear on your device.

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