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How To Enable Facebook Stars

Enable Facebook Stars

There are a few ways you can use the Enable Facebook Stars when you become live on Facebook. The method you choose depends on your equipment, your location, your internet connection, your technology and what options (such as screenshots) you would like to use. Content creators rely on social media to connect with people who value their work. Facebook has added a feature to give creators a new way to earn money and followers a new way to show appreciation. With stars, live Facebook video viewers can support content creators in real time.


Stars enable you to earn money with your video content. Viewers can purchase stars and send them to you in the comments section to show support and help make their comments stand out. You are paid 1 cent for each star you earn Google.

The Stars goal allows viewers to contribute to a specific goal or goal in a more beneficial way. It is the same with the way a personal fundraiser works as you are allowed to set your Stars goal and the predetermined prize if the goal is achieved. Terms appear as an overlay on your videos and will reflect your policy details and policy value. You can create two types of goals:

How Many Followers Do You Need To Get Stars On Facebook:

To enable stars, you need to set up in the creator studio. To increase your chances of winning, you will also need to tell as many people as possible about how they can support you with the Stars, set a Stars goal and let people know when you will be live.

You can start a live video on your Facebook business page, group or event, from a computer or Facebook mobile app for iOS or Android. Do not go live on your personal profile if you want to get stars.

How To Get Free Stars On Facebook:

Creative Studio combines all the tools you need to successfully post, manage, monetize and rate content on all your Facebook pages and Instagram accounts. This is where you can empower yourself and start using new features and opportunities to make the money you deserve, including stars.

Mario, the main chef at Little Lemon Restaurant, has decided to go live to bring his cooking classes and shows to a wider audience. Before he can start earning money with Stars, he needs to open this feature on his page. Before starting the program, he must have his bank account information and tax returns ready

How Much Is 100 Stars On Facebook:

For the most advanced video producers, Live Producer allows you to log in live on Facebook using advanced production equipment and streaming software. You can access the Live Organizer on your Page, Creative Studio or directly on

Nadya, a fitness trainer and spin-class leader, has been around for a while now, and would like the Live Coordinator to give her more levels of detail and control. He has an external camera and a microphone that he uses to amplify his live streaming.

To Enable Stars:

  1. Click on the notification you received or go to Creative Studio> Monetize to start setup.
  2. Accept the Terms and Conditions. You can start using Stars at this point, but we recommend that you set up a payment account so we can deliver your Stars benefits on time, in a consistent manner.
  3. Set up a payment account. If you have already set up a payment account, you can choose your existing account or set up an additional account.
  4. To set up a new billing account:
  5. Add your details when requested (you will need your tax return).
  6. Upload your tax return.
  7. Link your bank or PayPal account.
  8. Your setup is complete. The following steps are not required to complete the setup and can be done later.
  9. Follow the best practices outlined in Tips to get started with the stars.
  10. Be live with enabled stars.
  11. Go to the creators’ studio> Make money> Stars to continue setting Stars.

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