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How To Enable Drop In On Alexa

How To Enable Drop In On Alexa

A enable drop in on alexa Calling and Messaging feature, Drop In acts as an intercom system, where users can instantly connect and communicate with Alexa-enabled devices. For devices with screens and cameras, Drop In includes video.


So you have a lot of Amazon Echo devices in your house. You already use them to manage your smart devices at home or perhaps play music using a multi-room audio feature. But did you know that you can use them as a two-way intercom? You can enjoy this feature if you learn to use the Alexa Drop In function.

Users can also Download Alexa devices with the Alexa app, but not vice versa: Alexa devices can’t download from the app. They can call cell phones and landline, however. Unlike Alexa-to-Alexa calls, Drop Ins does not require “response”; therefore, the feature authorizes certain authorizations and should be used with caution in order to avoid privacy concerns.

How To Set Up Drop In Alexa:

First of all, Drop In is a little different than a voice call because those you let Release can literally enter at any time. When you log in, the person on the other hand does not have to answer, it connects automatically and acts as an intercom system. You can immediately start talking and you can hear whatever is happening next to the speaker you are connected to.

When you log in to the Echo Show (in the Alexa app or another Echo Show), you and your contact will see a snapshot glass that will clear after connecting.

To use Drop In, you will need at least one Echo device and a smartphone installed with the Alexa app (or a friend or relative with an Echo). With the Alexa app, you can start a Drop In session, but you can’t get a Drop In call. (However, you can get a voice call from the Alexa app.)

How To Drop In On Alexa In Another House:

First, sign up for Alexa Calling and Messaging. Open the Alexa app on Android or iOS and press the Conversation icon (the middle text bar at the bottom of the app) and follow the on-screen instructions, such as entering your name and surname, and your mobile number.

Drop In should be enabled by default, but to make sure a special speaker is turned on, open the Alexa app and press the hamburger icon at the top left to expand the menu. Touch Settings and select a speaker from the list. Under General check that it says On under Drop In. To restrict calls to only from your home, press Stop and select only my household members.

Allow contacts to Drop In Alexa:

By default, as it may be a disruptive feature with serious privacy issues, Amazon does not allow anyone to use Drop In to contact you. Instead, you should open Drop In for certain contacts that you want to be able to Drag You. And they have to let you Done them.

To enable Drop In contact:

  1. Open the Alexa app and open the Conversations tab.
  2. Tap the contact icon at the top right (personalized icon).
  3. Choose a name from your contacts list.
  4. Tap to change next to Contact can drop at any time.

To see everyone you have allowed to use Drop In to contact you, open the Contacts menu again and select your own. Under Some Who Can’t Access My Devices, everyone with permission will be listed. Tap Delete if you no longer want the contact to use Drop In with you.

To use Drop In, simply say, “Alexa, log in to [contact name].” Alternatively, you can start the Drop In session in the Alexa app by opening the Conversations tab once:

  • Select your conversation with the contact that allowed Beautiful and then press Mass on the blue bar at the top.
  • Tap the Contacts button at the top right. Select a contact and tap the Drop In logo under his or her name.


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