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How To Enable Dictate In Word 2016

How to Enable Dictate in Word 2016

Enable dictate in word 2016 Using Office 365 software, you can use the Dictate feature to write a document in Word. To start dictating, click the Dictate icon on your keyboard, then choose an option in the dropdown menu, and click the microphone icon. After choosing your voice, click the microphone icon, and then speak the words or phrases you wish to write. In case you make a mistake, you can use the keyboard to fix it. To stop dictating, you can select the Dictate option again.


Using an external microphone can help the software recognizes your voice more accurately. It has higher quality components and an optimized placement. Once you have enabled the software, you can start dictating. To turn it on, select the Dictate button, and the microphone will change from blue to red. You will hear a recording sound on your computer when your microphone is enabled. You can also use the keyboard to fix mistakes Google.

To use Dictate, first turn on your microphone. If you don’t have a microphone, you can also use an external one. If you have a microphone, you can turn it off by clicking the ’tilt’ icon in the toolbar. Once you’ve turned it on, select Dictate again and type in the desired words or phrases. Your speech will be transcribing into text within the program, and it’ll be available for viewing and printing once it’s finished.

How To Enable Dictate In Word 2021:

To start dictating in Word, you need to set up the microphone first. It is best to use an external microphone, as they are more accurate. Then, click the “dictate” button. The mic symbol will turn from blue to white to red. This means that Microsoft Word is listening to your voice. Once you have the microphone setup, you’ll hear a recording sound. This will let you know when the transcription is ready to start.

Using Dictate on Word, you can speak out loud, insert punctuation, symbols, and more. The Dictate feature allows you to speak in English in a clear voice, and you can even stop dictating using your microphone. It works on all popular operating systems, including Mac and PC, and it’s a good idea to have dictated on your mac book if you use a lot of words.

How To Enable Dictate Button In Word:

Once you’ve enabled Dictate, you’ll want to set up the Dictate button on your keyboard. Once you’ve enabled Dictate, simply select an audio file and dictate. In MS Word, you’ll need to enter the audio file into the Dictate button in the ribbon. Once you’re finished, press the Function key to stop dictating. Depending on your personal preferences, you may need to use Dictate to record meetings, or even for other reasons.

The Dictate button in Word is an easy way to enable dictation in Word. If you’re using a touch screen or mobile device, you’ll need to turn speech recognition on. Once you’ve enabled dictation, you can speak out loud and say the character name or phrase in caps. Then, click the microphone icon and the red dot, and you’re ready to begin dictating.

How To Enable Dictate In Word 2019:

Microsoft Dictate was initially a feature that was only available in the Office 365 suite. In Word 2016, it can be used in any of its programs. You just need to turn on the microphone and click Dictate. When you’ve activated the dictation feature, you can start typing. To activate speech synthesis, click the “Enable Speech Recognition” option and then hit the Speak button.

Click The Microphone Button:

  1. To use the service with Microsoft Word.
  2. Speech Recognition icon to the screen, open Word.,
  3. Move the cursor to the part of the document you are currently editing.
  4. Then click the microphone button and start talking.
  5. Press the microphone again to turn off voice calling.

Once enabled, Dictate is an excellent feature to enable dictation in Word. It lets you dictate in your chosen language. In addition to speech recognition, you can also use Dictate to translate written text from any language into your native tongue. The system will also automatically correct spelling and grammar errors and save your speech in the Word document. Then, you can edit the text by using the keyboard and dictation.

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