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How to Enable Developer Option in Realme 5

How To Enable Developer Option In Realme 5 In 2021

To enable the developer option in REALME 5, also you have to go into the settings menu and scroll down until you find the last option. It is called About phone or device. The next block is Software information, and then you should tap on the build number seven times. This will allow you to turn on USB Debugging and OEM Unlock. Once you’ve done that, you can continue to the next step to unlock the developer options.


Upon opening the Settings app, tap seven times on the Build number. Then, open the Additional settings chapter. You will find the Developer options here. To enable this feature, tap the Advanced settings button. Then, you can access the settings for the phone. You can choose the language of the software, as long as it is English. If you want to enable the developer option, you will need to enable it on the phone’s settings page google.

Once you’ve finished installing the update, you should go back to the developer option. Once you’ve completed this step, you can begin recording. Make sure you use a developer name. When a developer is signed in, it will be indicated by a blue bar on the top right corner. This is the developer’s name for the phone. It’s important to choose the correct one for your device. Changing the name of the device’s default settings won’t work either.

Applications And Access Parts Of The Phone:

Once you’ve enabled the developer option, you can now try out all the hidden features of Realme 8i. This feature will let you test hidden applications and access parts of the phone that are usually locked away from users. However, you will have to enable this first. If you’re not sure how to enable this, here are some instructions to help you. When enabled, you should be able to access the developer options of the phone.

In Realme 8i, there’s a hidden developer option that enables developers to debug applications. This will allow developers to align their system behaviors to the devices they’re testing. The developer option will also allow you to record screen activities and debug applications. The first step in enabling the developer options is to install the required drivers. Once you’ve installed the required drivers, you’ll need to start your recording session.

Options To Install The Required Drivers:

Once you’ve installed the developer options, you can now enable secret Android Pie features on your phone. This way, you can access the developer options of your Realme 8i and explore all the hidden features that it has to offer. To do so, you should unlock the Settings icon and tap Version 7 multiple times. Once you’ve enabled this, you can return to the previous window by choosing About Phone.

You should also enable the developer option in your Realme 8i if you want to develop applications. The developer option allows you to align system behaviors and debug applications. In other words, if you’re a developer, you’re able to do whatever you want on your phone. This way, you can also use your phone for development purposes. It’s up to you to decide what you need.

How To Enable Developer Options In Realme Smartphones:

The developer option is hidden by default in your Realme 8i. Generally, you can’t access it, but you can enable it to test out new applications and explore the various features available. The developer’s options are useful for developers and will improve the stability of your phone. Once you’ve enabled the developer’s mode, you should see a popup message that says: “Realme developer mode is enabled”.

Go To Settings:

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Go to About Phone.
  3. Click “Version”
  4. Tap the build number 7 times.
  5. When you will notice a pop-up for Developer Mode.
  6. Once you’ve installed the required drivers, you’ll need to start your recording session.

To enable the developer’s option in REALME XT, you need to go to the Settings app. Select “Settings” in the upper-left corner. Here, you’ll find Developer options. You must turn on the developer’s option, to be able to test new applications. Then, tap the Build number seven times. This will show you the options in the Additional settings chapter. After you’ve enabled the developer’s option, you’re ready to start recording.

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