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How To Enable Desktop Mode On iPhone – (2021)

How to Enable Desktop Mode on iPhone

If you want to browse the web in the best way possible, you may wonder how to enable desktop mode on iPhone. Many websites do not render well on mobile devices, and the mobile versions of many sites have navigation issues and are not optimized for iPhone. With iOS, you can switch to desktop mode for specific websites, and enable the desktop mode permanently in your settings. No more waiting for browser updates to render pages in the best way possible.

Using Safari on an iPhone or iPad to visit a desktop site is a breeze. iOS 13 adds a new feature called “Request Desktop Site” to the app’s settings menu. This new feature lets users request that the browser load a desktop version of a website by default. Users can also switch back to mobile mode if they want to. To use the new feature, users must first open Safari on their iPhone or iPad Google.


After installing iOS 13, you can turn on desktop mode by default for all websites. To do this, you need to open the Safari app and tap on the “Request Desktop Website” button. You can also choose to load all websites in desktop mode by default if you’re using a laptop or desktop computer. If you’d rather use mobile mode, you can disable it entirely by using the Settings app.

How To Enable Desktop Mode On iPhone Chrome:

The iOS 13 version of Safari also offers more flexibility. You can configure the browser to load desktop sites by default for certain websites or all. All supported webpages will appear in desktop mode by default if you set the option to enable it. You can also turn off desktop mode for individual websites by tapping their respective toggles. This way, you can use your iPad’s desktop mode for a specific website and still browse through the rest of the web.

When you are on iOS, you can toggle the desktop mode in your web browser by clicking the Settings button and selecting the option Request Desktop Website. You can also toggle desktop mode for specific websites. To enable this feature, navigate to Settings > Safari and tap the “Request Desktop Website” option. After that, navigate to a website that you want to open in desktop mode. Toggle desktop mode on a specific website and tap the “Refresh” button next to the address bar.

How Do I Turn On Desktop Mode:

If you want to set your web browser to automatically load a website in desktop mode, you must go into the settings on your iPhone and turn on the setting in the Share sheet. This setting is enabled by default in iOS 14 and later. You can also disable it for specific websites. To do so, go to the iPhone’s Home screen and tap the Address bar. Then, tap the toggle switch to the right of the website’s name and tap the Enable desktop mode checkbox.

If you are a frequent browser user, you will find it incredibly convenient to be able to load desktop versions of websites. All you need to do is open Safari and navigate to the website you want to view. From there, tap the aA symbol and choose the option “Request Desktop Site.” You can then return to the mobile version of the website. This feature is available for iPhone and iPad users, and you can even set it to automatically request desktop versions of websites for your device.

 How To Safari Desktop Mode iPhone:

You can enable Safari to automatically load all sites in desktop mode by default in both iOS 13 and 14. However, the change is not permanent. You must enable it each time you visit a site. Safari has the ability to remember this setting. If you’d like to switch it back, you can also use the Settings app on your device. Alternatively, you can turn it off and switch to desktop mode manually.

Safari is Apple’s default web browser, and it supports a lot of features. It also includes features that users have come to expect, such as tab management, customizable Start pages, and extension support. In addition, you can now download files directly from Safari. For security reasons, you should also check for software updates via the Settings app. If you have not done so, you may encounter problems.

Tap The Settings Icon:

  1. Open Safari and go to any website.
  2. Once the website loads, click on the “aA” icon available at
  3. The top corner before the address bar. Opens the web view menu.
  4. Select “Request a desktop website” from the available options.

Normally, mobile versions of websites appear on an iPhone. But in case of a mobile website, you can request its desktop version. You can also permanently request desktop mode on your iOS device. If you want to use desktop mode on your iOS device, you can go into Settings and enable it. It will take a few seconds, but it will be worth your time. And if you’ve been using it for a while, you’ll definitely appreciate it!

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